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Peristaltic pumps for mining and heavy industry

2021-01-14 15:41:55

Peristaltic pumps for mining and heavy industry
In recent years, science and technology have developed rapidly, and relevant knowledge of peristaltic pumps has also been updated. The peristaltic pumps for mining and heavy industry were originally used in laboratory research and are now widely used such as mud pumps, food additives transportation, or mud transportation, etc. What role does the peristaltic pump for mining play in the mine and heavy industry? We can find the answer.

peristaltic pumps for mining and heavy industry

peristaltic pumps for mining

The mining peristalic pump working is the same way as the human digestive system, and can deliver gas, solids and liquids. The peristalic pumps for heavy industy has the characteristics of high flow and high output pressure, and is widely used in industrial fields.

mining peristaltic pump

peristaltic pumps for heavy industry

Advantages of the peristalic pumps for heavy industry applications:

The hose pump can circulate the slurry of SGS1.6-1.8, and the solid concentration can reach 80%. When the solid content in the slurry reaches 30%, the traditional central central pump will lose its efficiency. This limitation increases the process requirements for slurry pumps. : It can process 75 tons of ore per hour. Due to the low efficiency of the mud pump, when the solid content is 65%, the hose pump can replace the specially treated mud pump, saving 100 million liters of water per year. For this reason, hose pumps use 25% less water than mud pumps.

2. The peristaltic pump consumes less power.
In the same factory that processes 75 tons of ore per hour, the hose pump should consume 35 kW, while the same mud pump consumes 70 kW. More than 50% energy saving can directly reduce power consumption. Power saving is a hotspot in many old-fashioned mines, and the cost of newly developed infrastructure and power input can be very high, leading to serious delays in deadlines and possibly leading to large-scale environmental protests in non-mining industries.

3. The peristaltic pumps for mining has less space.
The hose pump improves offline efficiency and reduces the overall size of the plant. The slurry concentration is critical to achieving the best performance of the plant. As the solid content increases, you can reduce the number of strainers, reduce initial investment costs, and reduce the space for mining operations.

4.The peristaltic pumps for mining and heavy industry can reduce the damage.
The peristaltic pump has a light pumping effect, and the biological oxidation reaction technology has minimal damage to fragile biological cells. According to these requirements, the bio-oxidant process uses organisms to separate gold from sulfide, reduces the amount of cyanide used, and increases the output of the process.

5. The peristaltic pumps for mining has low cost.
The wear-resistant peristaltic pump reduces maintenance costs. The slurry is acidic or very abrasive. Therefore, the impeller used in traditional mud pumps is made of increasingly expensive non-standard materials, and its service life is measured in days. The soft pump can reduce mud damage and extend its service life.

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