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How to choose a suitable type hydraulic jack?

2019-02-11 09:44:42

1. Tonnage

To confirm the required force (tonnage), the recommended hydraulic jack tonnage is 20% higher than the load.

2. Body height and travel of double acting or singlle acting hydraulic cylinder

According to the working conditions, choose the appropriate body height and required travel.

3. Hydraulic cylinder frequency of use

According to the requirements of working conditions, the maintenance level and the industrial level are distinguished. If it is used for hydraulic jacks for production or special high frequency use, please specify.

suitable type hydraulic jack

4. Double acting hydraulic jack high temperature or anti-corrosion requirements

According to the actual working conditions, we propose high temperature or anti-corrosion requirements. We will use special surface treatment methods and special material seals.

5. Does the hydraulic jack need to resist eccentric load?

Optional special load bearing design or optional hydraulic jack for tilting saddle.

6. Do you need to keep the load for a long time?

Choose self-locking nut series hydraulic jack.

7. Do you need to work in a small space?

Choose thin series type hydraulic jack.

hydraulic jack

8. Do you need to go through the hydraulic jack?

Choose hollow plungder series double acting or single acting hydraulic jack.

9. Do you need a super-large ceiling in a small space?

Choose ultra-high pressure thin series hydraulic jack.

10. Do you want the height of the body to be extremely short?

It can be customized according to your requirements.

11. Do you want to control the jacking and pullback?

Double acting series with check valve.

choose hydraulic jack

12. Do you need external threads for installation?

It can be customized according to your requirements.

13. Does the hydraulic jack need to move horizontally when stressed?

It can be customized according to your requirements.

14. Do you need to synchronize if multiple are used together?

Select electric synchronous hydraulic jack.

15. Is there a lifting speed requirement?

Choose high-power electric hydraulic pump station.

suitable hydraulic jack

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