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Stainless steel filter press for wine, oil, coating

2020-05-23 16:49:36

Stainless steel filter press for wine, oil, coating
Stainless steel filter press, also known as laboratory filter press or stainless steel plate and frame filter. 

stainless steel filter press

The stainless steel filter press is for fine filtering. It's surface is polished, has seals, and normally used together with S.S. feeding pump, so it's normally used for following industries: laboratory, fine chemicals, medicine, food, chemical etc...

stainless steel filter press for wine

The stainless steel filter pressis for wine is very easy to operation. The working process of our stainless steel filter press is when the filter pess was filled with raw material by pump, you only need to turn the handle to compress the chambers. Under the feeding pressure, the filtration pass through the filter media the discharged from the outlet. The solid will becomes to filter cakes.

stainless steel filter press for oil

The small stainless steel filter press has the below features: 
1. The filter is made of S.S.304 or S.S.316L, which are features of corrosion-resistant and long life-span. 
2. The filter plates use screw thread structure. 
3. The stainless steel filter press can change filtering media(if uses filter membrane, it can even remove the bacteria.) 
4. According to your material and your technical requirements ( primary filtration/medial fine filtration/fine filtration). The layers can be added or decreased to your actual capacity. 
5. The filter works under pressure without leakage and the filtrate is very clean. It can be used as multilevel filtering devices: the first level uses rough filtering media; the second level can use fine medias, so that it can improve the filtering effect and efficiency. 
6. All seals are made of silica rubber, which can endure high temperature and no toxicity, no leakage. 
7. The automatic flow returning device also can be customized according to your needs. When pump stops, open the return valve, all sediment will be discharged automatically ( beside have the air discharging function), and at the same time, it will be backwashed by clean water via the return pipe. 
8. The last, the stainless steel filter press for wine very easy for operation.

stainless steel filter press for coating

The stainless steel filter press is entirely made of stainless steel (even the feed pump), which is clean and hygienic. It can be seen in many solid-liquid separation work in the food industry. 

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