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Small manual jack filter press machine for sale

2020-05-21 18:26:28

Small manual jack filter press machine for sale
Our company has many kinds of filter press, such as membrane filter press, PLC control automatic filter press, once open filter press, cast iron filter press, round plate filter press, etc. But when you need a filter press which not need a power, or you just want a small manual filter press machine, our small manual jack filter press is a good choice. 

small filter press machine 

This small manual jack filter press uses the screw jack as the pressing device with the feature of simple structure, easy operation, no need power supply, and cheap price. It is suitable for the filtration area at 1- 40m2. 

manual operation filter press

In operation, the pressing device, the screw drives the push plate to press the filter plates and filter cloth between push plate and tail plate. Filter chambers are formed between pressed filter plates and material get in to the filter chambers through the feeding port in tail plate. Solid particles are trapped in filter chambers form into cakes, while liquid is discharged out of the tail plate.  

manual operated small filter press

The manual operated small filter press is suitable for the industry of coal washing, inorganic salts, alsohol, coconut oil, edible oil, chemical, metallurgy, pharmacy, coal carbon, food, textile, environmental protection, energy etc.

small filter press machine for sale

Depending on the environment of use, we can wrap the manual filter press machine with a layer of polypropylene or stainless steel; due to different material temperatures, we can be equipped with high temperature filter plates that can withstand up to 100 degrees. If you have any idea about filter press, you can contact us for more information: info@gaodetec.com. 

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