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Soil seeds spraying machine for greening

2019-05-29 14:27:51

The characteristics of the spray spraying of the guest soil sprayer products and the reasons for the problems with the power.

In terms of spray broadcasting, the main features of the land-spraying machine are: high safety performance, simple and safe construction operation, easy operation; high efficiency of sowing, sowing alone or planting of grass fiber can achieve a day of spraying More than 10,000 square meters; strong maneuverability, diesel engine drive can be equipped with mobile chassis, mixing and loose integration can achieve rapid filling and spraying of materials, which is conducive to scattered slope surface spraying and transfer operations. When there is a power problem in its equipment, we need to analyze the following items:

One: When spraying, sometimes the injection distance is insufficient. If the throttle of the engine is at the lowest position and the injection angle is appropriate, it may be because the pipeline is not smooth, and the pipeline can be unblocked. It can be prevented by the following two methods: (1. When loading, be careful not to drop the foreign matter into the tank to prevent the pipeline from being clogged. For the machine that sprays the mud, if it is used for more than 1-2 years, it may be slurry. The pump impeller wear causes insufficient injection distance. If this is the reason, please contact us to replace the impeller; 2. After daily use, carefully clean the discharge line).

Second: After the start, the spray can not be sprayed out. The factors are: the clutch is damaged, please contact us to replace the clutch; there is air in the feed pipe, open the exhaust valve to exhaust; if the coupling is damaged, please contact us to replace Coupling; the pump is stuck by foreign objects, does not rotate, disassembles and removes foreign matter; the discharge line is blocked, and the pipeline is removed to remove foreign matter. 
Three: a large amount of foam appears in the tank when the equipment is stirred: lower the number of rotations of the stirring shaft;

Four: The stirring shaft speed feels slower and slower, and the throttle is still not reflected. If the stirring shaft control lever is in the correct position and the throttle is suitable (the hydraulic oil is deteriorated, the hydraulic oil is replaced; the mixing shaft is wrapped with debris). , cleaning debris; hydraulic pump failure; hydraulic motor failure). 

diesel engine hydroseeding machine

hydroseeding machine

Soil seeds spraying machine for greening

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