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What are some tips screw pump selection

2015-01-15 16:30:21

If the purchase and use of improper selection of the time, it will not be able to achieve satisfactory operating results, but also cause noise and vibration, but also serious damage to the pump when the internal parts, resulting in the production can not be normal.
1. To consult the factory for a reasonable selection of ice-related parameters. In addition to the operating parameters of the parameters of conventional flow, pressure, etc., but also to understand the characteristics of the transmission medium, such as corrosion, gas content, as well as the proportion of solid solution containing the particle size, the temperature of the medium is how much, how annual media medium proportion is. But also on the pump suction condition understanding of the installation conditions to understand.
2. The twin-screw pump selection should pay attention to the speed of choice. This speed is the transport medium for the year and pump size to determine the speed. If it is high-viscosity media delivery, we must choose some low speed, if it is a low-viscosity media you can choose some high speed. In the case of the higher speed, the same parameters pump, smaller volume, but because of high speed, then the friction on the big, this pump wear on the powerful, life will be shortened. After conveying medium wear increased lubricity backward, and it also contains trace amounts of impurities, so this time we should choose a little lower speed.
3. Note that the selection of the screw pump flow and pressure in a certain case, the viscosity and the rotational speed is rendered linear relationship, that is, the higher the pressure the smaller the flow rate. Under the same viscosity and pressure, pump speed and flow rate are inversely proportional. Under the same rotational speed and viscosity, the shaft speed is also proportional to the pressure relationship.

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