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Rotor wet mix concrete spraying machine

2022-09-26 17:27:49

The rotor wet concrete spraying machine is a kind of equipment used for wet shotcrete. It mainly uses fluid power to transport the ready mixed concrete through pipes and spray it to the surface to be sprayed at high speed. It forms a layer of concrete support layer depending on the continuous impact and compaction of cement and aggregate during the spraying process. It is the core equipment for tunnel construction.

wet concrete spraying machine

In the process of selecting and purchasing rotor concrete spraying machine, it must be selected and purchased according to the construction environment and requirements. The price of rotor concrete spraying machine is much higher than that of concrete dry spraying machine, but it will save manpower and material resources to a greater extent, improve work efficiency and reduce construction costs. With this advantage, wet concrete spraying machine is widely used in subway, tunnel, slope and other construction. The wet concrete spraying machine is widely used in the shotcrete support operations in the construction of railway tunnels, highway tunnels, water conservancy culverts, mine tunnels, dam slopes, building foundation pits, military projects and other fields.

rotor concrete spraying machine

Structure and principle of rotor wet mix concrete spraying machine:
The concrete wet mix concrete spraying machine is a rotor piston type wet spraying machine, which is mainly composed of four parts: air pipeline system, feeding mechanism system, material conveying system, accelerator metering and adding system. The feeding system is the core component, which is composed of hopper, vibrator, rotor, rotary lining plate, bonding plate, etc. Our wet concrete spraying machine has a unique rotor piston cam feeding mechanism, which truly realizes the uniform thin flow transportation of plastic concrete in the pipeline.

rotor wet concrete spraying machine

Before starting up, the operator should do the following:
1. Check the materials used, and the materials can only be used if they meet the above requirements.
2. Check the hopper for foreign matters and the liquid level of accelerator, and adjust the metering pump to make the accelerator addition proportion meet the design requirements of concrete mix proportion.
3. Check whether the action pressure of the pressure controller is compatible with the relevant parameters such as the delivery distance. Generally, the setting value is 0.1~0.2MPa higher than the working air pressure.
4. Take over the pipe to prevent the concrete pipe from sharp turns and stiffening.
5. Check whether the circuit and voltage are within the range specified by the machine.
6. Check whether the movement direction of the rotor is consistent with the marked direction, observe whether the liquid flow in the suction pipe is normal, and whether the nozzle is blocked.
7. After the above methods are checked and confirmed to be correct, add about half a bucket of mortar into the hopper (usually the mortar mix ratio is c ∶ s ∶ w = 1 ∶ 3.5 ∶ 0.45). Start the main motor, and transfer the mortar into the rotor chamber and air material mixing chamber.
8. Fill the bucket screen with concrete and vibrate to make the concrete enter the hopper.
9. After completing the above work process, start the machine and observe the change of air pressure value. Generally, the working air pressure is 0.2~0.5MPa for side wall spraying and 0.3~0.45MPa for arch spraying, but the opening of main air valve shall be adjusted according to the discharge of nozzle.

Rotor body of shotcrete machine

Shotcrete construction method
Before the shotcrete operation, the following work shall be done well:
1. Check the loose rocks and loose bodies on the sprayed surface.
2. The rock surface shall be dedusted and cleaned to ensure a good combination of concrete and rock.
3. Before spraying, mark the thickness of spraying layer on the surface to be sprayed, which has reached the design index.

wet mix concrete spraying machine

The following principles shall be followed during operation:
1. The feeding speed shall be uniform and continuous to maintain a certain amount of storage in the feed hopper.
2. Timely remove coarse materials or other foreign matters with particle size greater than 15mm on the vibrating screen.
3. When operating the nozzle, the sprayer should try to make the nozzle perpendicular to the surface to be sprayed, and the distance should be about 1.0m.
4. The shotcrete shall be sprayed from the bottom to the top in pieces, and the nozzle shall rotate in a spiral shape to evenly spray to the rock surface.

On site quality control mainly adopts the following measures:
1. Check whether the thickness of the sprayed layer on the sprayed surface is consistent with the set thickness mark, or re spray to the design thickness.
2. The uneven concrete surface shall be timely re sprayed until it is smooth.
3. The hollowing or spalling layer shall be chiseled away, and the subsequent reinforcement shall be carried out by spraying or grouting.
4. The thickness of shotcrete layer shall be randomly checked by drilling or ultrasonic method.

concrete spraying machine for tunnel

If you need the rotor wet concrete spraying machine or rotor dry concrete spraying machine, you can contact us freely, email address: info@gaodetec.com

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