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500-800L refractory castable mixing pan machine

2022-03-03 10:16:32

Refractory castable mixer is used for mixing refractory materials, friction materials, chemical materials, precast concrete, mortar, aggregate mixing and glass materials etc.

refractory castable mixer

Our company is a refractory castable mixer supplier. Nowadays, we have developed GRM series refractory castable mixer. We have all kinds of refractory castable mixer with different mixing capacity to choose. Their mixing capacity respectively is 100kg, 250kg, 300Kg, 500kg, 800kg and 1000kg, etc. If the customer has other requirements for the mixing capacity or the appearance of the machine, we can also provide customized services.

Our 500-800L refractory mixing machines are popular. And our other models of refractory castable mixers are also very popular. For example:

We named 500Kg capacity refractory pan mixer as GRM500. It is a small size refractory pan mixer. Its mixing capacity is 500Kg, and its motor power is 11Kw. It weighs up to 1010Kg.

500-800L refractory mixing machine


refractory castable mixing pan machine

RM800 refractory site use pan mixer mixing capacity is 800Kg, its motor power is 22Kw. It weight up 1350Kg.

The engines of 500Kg and 800Kg refractory mixing machines equipped with a soft start device, which can start the engines smoothly. For 800Kg refractory mixing machines, we have added ladders, operating platforms, and high-pressure water flushing devices.

How to operate refractory castable mixing pan machine:

1. After refractory castable mixing pan machine is energized, start (stop) the switch through the power distribution cabinet with protection function.

2. When the equipment enters the normal working state, add one or more refractory materials or objects that need to be stirred and mixed into the mixing plate of the refractory castable mixing pan machine.

3. Add a certain amount of water to the refractory castable mixing pan machine through a water pump and stir together. After the materials are evenly mixed, open the discharge port and transport it to the location you need through the discharge tank.

4. After all the materials in the refractory castable mixing pan machine are drained, close the material door to complete a mixing cycle.

Maintenance note:

1. When replacing the scraper, be sure to cut off the power supply and hang up a sign prohibiting starting. It is best if someone guards the power supply.

2. The staff should regularly change the oil for the machine and add grease to the motor bearings. To extend the service life of the refractory castable mixing pan machine.

The refractory castable mixers we sell use professional processing equipment, precision casting materials and unique production techniques. Each machine is inspected and tested at the highest level of quality before leaving the factory. Good reputation makes our refractory mixing machines accepted by domestic and foreign markets. So far, our refractory mixing machines have been exported to many countries in the world.

Contact us for refractory castable mixer details:

If you are interested in our refractory castable mixing pan machine, please help us confirm the following questions:

1. What is mixing materials with our machine, for mixing refractory, castable or others?

2. What is the mixer capacity you need, 100kg/batch, 250kg/batch, 500kg/batch, 800kg/batch, 1000kg/batch or others?

3. What is the voltage do you need, here is 380V, 50HZ, 3phase, is it OK for you?

We could customize according to your requirements, just tell us the application of the product or the parameter information you need.

You can send demands to our email, email address: info@gaodetec.com

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