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Recessed filter press for copper sludge

2020-09-02 18:31:00

Recessed filter press for copper sludge

Recessed filter press also named as chamber filter press, which is widely used in the paper mill, printing and dyeing plant, weaving plant, copper ore iron ore gold ore magnesium mine, copper sludge, aluminum plant, winery, sand washing plant, oil and gas extraction, river dredging, Chinese medicine extract solution, sucrose, municipal sewage treatment plant, etc. 

recessed filter press for copper sludge

The principal the copper sludge filter press is when the copper sludge with water flows through the filter cloth, the copper sludge will be trapped on the filter cloth and accumulated to form into the cake. The liquid, which has not included the copper sludge, will permeate from the filter cloth.

recessed filter press

The liquid stream mode of the copper sludge filter press is divided into two modes: external stream and internal stream. When the external stream filter press is filtered, the filtered liquid will inevitably be contaminated or mixed with impurities due to the harsh environment in which the filter press is located. Therefore, we need an internal stream filter press to better protect the filter press liquid. 

filter press for copper sludge

General speaking, external stream filter presses can be used in industries that require solids after filtration of solid-liquid mixtures, such as metallurgy, ore, etc., while internal stream filter presses are used in industries that have high requirements for filtered liquids, such as pharmaceuticals, biological, and so on.

copper sludge filter press

The most filter press uses external stream drainage. After the filtrate passes through the filter chamber, it directly passes through the drainage pipe below the filter plate and is directly discharged outside the equipment through the faucet. The internal stream filter press is designed to collect the filtrate system under the faucet, and the filtered design is collected through the pipeline. The conventional method is to connect the faucet under the filter plate of the filter press to a sealed hose, and a larger pipe connected to all the hoses is designed under the hose, so that the liquid can be well protected. The internal steam filter press is generally suitable for toxic, odorous, volatile, and flammable materials, which can better protect the liquid and workers.

Our company——Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd has specialized in filter press for more than 10 years, we have our own technical team, can provide customized service for you. There are many types of filter press in our factory for your option, such as automatic membrane filter press for domestic sludge, recessed / chamber filter press for copper sludge, manual jack filter press for olive oil, hydraulic filter press for palm oil, stainless steel filter press for food and so on.
The copper sludge recessed / chamber filter press is a solid-liquid separation equipment. If you have any needs about this work, please feel free to contact us, you can send email to us: info@gaodetec.com, or just chat online, we will reply you soon.


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