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Common troubleshooting problems of double acting hydraulic jack

2017-10-30 11:10:20

Common troubleshooting problems of double acting hydraulic jack

1. First, check whether the steel balls in the switch fall, and then tighten the switch clockwise.

2. Check that the hydraulic oil in the tank is full and should be filled.

3. Loosen the filler bolts.

4. Replace the YX-shaped polyurethane seal in the plunger pump.

5. Exclude air from the tank.

hydraulic jack cylinder

hydraulic jack

Column cold pump has the phenomenon of suction or oil suck out.

1. Remove air from the tank, as described in paragraph 7 (6) above.

2. Less oil in the tank, to fill.

3. Oil number does not meet the requirements, exchange N15 mechanical oil.

4. Filter in the garbage, to clean. Use a large active wrench to remove the oil filter. Wash off the copper wire with gasoline.

Double acting hydraulic jack Use method of application usage

1. Before use must check whether the Ministry of normal.

2. The use should strictly comply with the provisions of the main parameters, should not be ultra-high overload, or when the lifting height or lifting tonnage more than the provisions of the top of the tank will be a serious oil spill.

3. Such as manual pump oil is insufficient, the need to join the pump should be fully filtered after the N33 # hydraulic oil to work.

4. Electric pump please refer to the electric pump instruction manual.

5. The weight of the center of gravity to choose a moderate, reasonable choice of the focus of the hydraulic cylinder jack, the bottom to be padded, while taking into account the ground soft and hard conditions, whether to pad the tough wood, placed smooth, so as not to load subsidence or tilt.

6. The hydraulic cylinder jack will rise after the weight, should be timely support with heavy objects firmly support, prohibit the use of jacks as a support. If you want to support heavy weight for a long time please use CLL self-locking jack.

7. For a few hydraulic jacks at the same time lifting, in addition to the proper placement of the jack, the use of multi-head diverter valve, and the load of each jack should be balanced, pay attention to keep the speed of synchronization. It must also be considered due to uneven weight on the ground may subsidence of the situation, to prevent the lifting of the weight of the dumping of dangerous.

About the seal ring
1. Our seal rings are imported from American Parker, the sealing working life longer 5-6 times than made in China, and it save much time to replace, improve working efficiency.

2. Cylinder body use 45 # steel heat treatment, hardness more higher than which without heat treatment.

3. The piston rod main material is 40cr. After heat treatment, hardness 37-40 degree, working life more longer than common material.

4. Our warranty period is two years. While theirs only one year.

5. We think our service more better than theirs.

Seal ring

You know, we are factory, could give a clear answer to you in 24 hours at any time and any question. While not when you need support couldn’t find at first time. These will be help you solve many troubles. 

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