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Prestressed anchorage in the loading process of the impact

2014-09-19 09:14:59

Prestressed anchorage in the loading process of the impact
Along with the prestressed anchorage technique in Bridges, buildings, the application of water conservancy engineering, anchorage as ensure effective transfer of the prestressed anchorage of key parts have been more and more attention.In guarantee the anchoring efficiency at the same time, the cost of the anchorage problems become more and more attention.Traditional design used peaceful big not small principle, based on experience to carry on the design.Prestressed anchorage force of the anchorage is complex, it is difficult to accurately calculate it with theoretical formula of the stress and strain.To anchor ring as the research object, through the establishment of finite element model of the anchorage component to process were analyzed, and the stress of the anchorage checking the strength of the anchor ring, and the anchor ring shape size and material optimization, finally in physical experiment.In the simulation of anchorage stress process, with seven Kong Mao as an example, the analysis of the seven Kong Mao after working condition and structure of tensioning device of anchor ring, clamping piece and the shape of the steel strand simplified, using linear hardening elastic-plastic material model, after setting the coefficient of friction, the numerical model is established using the finite element analysis software, to simulate the process of seven Kong Mao circle stress analysis, obtained the anchor ring in the distribution of the stress and strain during the process of stress and displacement state, check the strength of the anchor ring.
On the size of the anchor ring and materials optimization problem, first of all, on the appearance of seven Kong Mao circle size optimization, considering the size of the specifications of the steel and the requirements of the product's machining, seven Kong Mao circle according to the 135 and 126 two Φ Φ dimensions were simulated, the analysis of the different heights of the same diameter of the anchor ring change trend of the change of stress and strain with height, get a better level.Third, to seven Kong Mao circle of two different materials and different status of the simulation results are compared, 45 steel by conditioning treatment can improve its yield strength and fracture strength, instead of 40 cr is feasible.Physics experiments have been carried out to verify the last, the simulation results compared with the experimental results, verifies the correctness of the numerical model.Through the above research conclusions of the anchor ring shape dimension provides theory basis for design and selection material, played a guiding role.

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