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Pressure grouting pump in China

2018-03-15 11:40:52

High pressure grouting machine inherits the characteristics of precision machinery and lightweight convenience. Eliminate the shortcomings of the past little more problems. You may be surprised to find that it has so many advantages that it seems to be a mechanical tool. So the real pressure grouting pump has so many advantages? The answer is that China's machinery does have so many advantages. This article will focus on equipment of the pressure grouting pump and customers are most concerned about the pressure grouting pump in China.

pressure grouting pump in China

With quick disassembly, pressure grouting pump easy maintenance for the demands of the structural design of perfusion professional models. There is no pressure source of high pressure. And light weight, you can solve the inconvenience of construction workers carrying bulky machines. Pressure grouting pump is the best choice for professional water stoppers. With general materials can’t cure leakage, the use of high-pressure perfusion technique after a plugging success.

In the construction process pressure grouting pump does well. High-pressure jet grouting should be divided into rows and columns. In the dam, embankment or cofferdam, composed of multi-row of high-spray wall should be constructed downstream row of holes. Then the construction of upstream row of holes, the last row of holes in the middle of construction. In the same row, such as the use of drilling, spraying, respectively, when the construction process, should be the construction of the first hole sequence, after the construction of Ⅱ sequence hole. Pilot hole should be the first construction. Ⅰorder hole and Ⅱ order hole can be "welded" or "cut" into the connection. Construction procedures for drilling, under the injection tube, jet lifting, into a pile or into a wall and so on.

pressure grouting pump price

For good machines, there must be some precautions in use. Check the contents: including the integrity of the consolidation, uniformity and verticality. It also need check effective diameter or reinforcement length, width. Strength characteristics, including axial pressure, horizontal thrust, acid and alkali resistance, frost resistance and impermeability. Corrosion and durability and several other aspects.
Pressure grouting pump quality inspection methods: excavation inspection, indoor testing, drilling inspection, load testing and other non-destructive testing methods.

If you still do not trust the quality of this machine. Here are some ways for you to test the machine is qualified. Connect the suction valve, water pipe and pump together and place the suction valve in the bucket. Connected to the water, you must prepare a bucket, placed near the pump. Check the part of the joint bolts are solid, especially the drive is missing the connection bolts. If it is loose, tighten it immediately.

high pressure grouting equipment

Discover the advantages of using Gaodetec high-quality machinery for your grout pump basic requirements of safety equipment today.

Or if you still have questions on that you want to wonder if this pressure grouting pump in china is suitable for you. You can give us a email. That is the reason why we're serious here about serving you.

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