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Notes eighteen pneumatic diaphragm pumps

2015-02-08 11:28:38

1, to ensure maximum particle fluid contained in the diaphragm does not exceed the maximum safety standards by the particle diameter.
2, the pump inlet pressure should not exceed the maximum allowable working pressure, higher than the rated pressure of the compressed air can cause personal injury and property loss and damage to the pump performance.
3, to ensure that the pump can withstand the pressure of the pipeline system achieved the highest output pressure to ensure clean air system drive and normal working conditions.
4, static spark could cause an explosion resulting in personal injury and property damage, the use of a sufficiently large cross-sectional area of the wire needed grounding screw on the pump properly grounded.
5, grounding requirements comply with legal requirements and local regulations scene of some special requirements.
6, fastening a good pump and the connecting pipe joints, prevent static electricity sparks rubbing vibration impacts. Antistatic hoses.
7, to periodic inspection and testing of the reliability of the grounding system, grounding resistance of less than 100 ohms.
8, to maintain good exhaust and ventilation, away from flammable and heat.
9, the pump exhaust may contain solids, not to vent against the work area or people to avoid personal injury.
10, when the diaphragm fails, the material will be transported from the exhaust muffler ejected.
11, when the transportation of flammable and toxic fluids, please discharge port connected to a safe place away from the work area.
12, use at least 3/8 "inner diameter smooth wall pipe and muffler exhaust port connection.
13, high pressure fluid may result in serious personal injury and property damage, do not pump pressure pump and tube system, any maintenance work, such as when to do maintenance, first cut off the pump inlet, open bypass pipeline system relief pressure relief mechanism so slowly loosen joints each pipe connection.
14, such as the transmission of harmful toxic fluid pump, please do not put the pump directly to the manufacturer to repair it. Properly handled according to local laws and regulations, and the use of genuine parts to ensure life.
15, liquid delivery section uses aluminum alloy pneumatic diaphragm pumps, please do not used for pumping liquids containing Fe3 + and halogenated hydrocarbons and other halogenated hydrocarbon solvents, corrosion will cause the pump to burst.
16, to ensure that all contact with fluid corrosion damage to transport body parts will not be delivered.
17, to ensure that all operations personnel familiar with the operation and master the use precautions for safe use of the pump, if necessary, rationing necessary protective equipment.
18, the proper use of the pump, do not allow prolonged idling.

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