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Pneumatic diaphragm pump features

2015-02-05 10:17:36

Pneumatic diaphragm pump features
1, powered by compressed air.
2, is a reciprocating diaphragm deformation caused by the volume change of the volume of the pump, it works similar piston pump, due to the characteristics of diaphragm pump works, so diaphragm pumps have the following characteristics:
(1) The pump does not overheat: compressed air powered, when the exhaust is an expansion of an endothermic process, pneumatic pump when the temperature is lowered, no harmful gas emissions.
(2) does not produce a spark: pneumatic diaphragm pumps without electricity for power, ground and then prevent static sparks,
(3) by a liquid containing particles: Because the volume of imports of ball-type work, and can not be easily blocked.
(4) low shear force on the material: how work is sucked into how spit, so the smallest stir the material for conveying unstable substances
(5) flow can be adjusted, the material can be installed to regulate the flow at the outlet of the throttle.
(6) having a self-absorption function.
(7) can be dry run without danger.
(8) can dive work.
(9) the fluid can be transported very widely, from low viscosity to high viscosity,to give a viscous from corrosion.
(10) There are no complicated control system, no cables, fuses, etc.
(11) small size, light weight, easy to move.
(12) without lubrication so maintenance is simple and does not pollute the environment due to drip.
(13) pump is always able to maintain efficient, not because of wear and tear is reduced.
(14) 100% of energy use, when to close the outlet, the pump automatically shut down, moving equipment, wear, overload, fever
(15) no dynamic seals, easy maintenance to avoid leaks. Work no dead spots.

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