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Operation points Peristaltic Pump

2015-02-05 10:24:00

1. The water discharge
Coal slurry injection exhaust chamber has two purposes:
① liquid end of the exhaust. By connecting flushing sewage water control valve and outlet pipe on the import of coal slurry pipeline to complete exhaust chamber;
② promote the solution automatically join. After oiling the original water-filled diaphragm chamber is forced back towards the direction of the diaphragm, which automatically positions filled. To obtain sufficient hydraulic push the diaphragm to reach this position, you can control the degree of opening the drain valve on the export pipeline to complete the automatic filling. Exhaust pressure injection provides the most critical for the pressure control, pump manufacturers to 013MPa, the actual operation of the general control of the 0128 ~ 0135MPa, too high, too low will cause the advancing fluid chamber oiling too much or too little, leaving the diaphragm run damage.
2. oiling exhaust
The purpose is to promote the liquid chamber oiling. Filling process is continuous automatic, during filling, the exhaust valve must remain open until there is no air time to promote liquid discharge date. Then the lever away from the trigger position, within a minute, filling process stops automatically. At this time promoting fluid chamber is full, but the Pistons, the diaphragm has not yet reached the right place, it will be done by filling the disk drive. The manufacturer recommends using the manual tray to finish filling the car, but the car is not only time-consuming manual tray, and not easy to promote fluid chamber filled to the best condition, so the use of low-load start the pump instead of manually cranking complete propulsion fluid filled cavity solution, preferably 10% of starting low load.
3. The normal operation of the exhaust
Pump in normal operation, due to advancing liquid dissolved gas, seal leakage and other reasons, so that the liquid chamber to promote the collection, the more gas on the membrane will be damaged, should be regularly promoting fluid chamber exhaust.

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