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Planetary type concrete pan mixer for sale

2022-01-17 17:59:35

The planetary type concrete pan mixer is our new product developed in 2017. It is more efficient and better than the double horizontal shaft mixer. Therefore, it is also a model with good sales in recent years and a large market potential. You can also be our overseas agent, and we will provide you planetary concrete pan mixer quality service.

planetary type concrete pan mixer

Planetary concrete pan mixer, including mixer ontology, mixing barrel component, planetary disc component, gearbox components, lift components and stand, at the bottom of the mixer body is equipped with stand, stand at the top of the equipped with stirring barrels of components, mixing barrel component at the top of the component with disc, disc component is equipped with gear box at the top of the components, both sides of the mixer ontology has elevator components, mixing barrel component Stir the wall with a glass or ceramic plate, the bottom of the barrel component is equipped with the feed opening, planetary disc components installed on the gearbox components of gearbox, gearbox components by the box body, a helical gear, two driven bevel gear and the corresponding transmission shaft, driven gear shaft connected to the planetary disc on the planetary concrete pan mixer component, active helical gear respectively connected with two driven bevel gear meshing, the rise and fall Components adopt hydraulic lifting mode, the mixer makes the mixing without dead Angle, mixing more evenly, can better control the color cluster problem.

Planetary pan mixer for sale can also be used for laboratory experiments. In the laboratory, 10L-20L stirring is required. At this time, our disc planetary mixer can be used to fully test the proportion of materials to achieve the optimal experimental effect.

planetary concrete pan mixer

The interior of the product is 20 Cr high complex gold, with high wear resistance, so that the life of the machine is longer, the colleague is lined with wear-resistant lining board, can be more wear-resistant, higher operability. If there are items with high stirring PH value in the market, we can use stainless steel lining, which can prevent the corrosion of the machine, so as to prolong the service time.

planetary pan mixer for sale

As a new type of planetary type concrete pan mixer, concrete vertical shaft mixer special hard tooth surface reduction mechanism, high efficiency, large torque, low noise; Waterway system, multi-pipe multi-channel convenient for high quality mixing and more conducive to the cleaning and maintenance of concrete tearing equipment: discharge door can be discharged at the bottom or side door, equipment design is flexible, beautiful shape can be flexibly used in various industries and fields of different production lines.

If you interested in the planetary pan mixer for sale, please contact us! 
And we can supply the 500L,750L,1000L,1500L,3000L capacity planetary concrete mixer for you choosing!

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