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Peristaltic pump for pumping food waste

2020-11-30 11:03:35

Peristaltic pump for pumping food waste
Gaodetec industrial heavy-duty extrusion peristaltic pumps consist mainly of pump housings, rotors, rollers, idle rollers, press tubes and drive units. The extrusion hose in the pump room is U-shaped and deforms when the roor drives the drum to rotate. When the drum rotates, the deformed hose is restored by its elasticity. Therefore, under the negative pressure of the hose will produce negative pressure, attract the mud, and the wheel is pushed through the exit discharge, and eventually form the pressure transport of the mud.

Hose peristaltic pumps are mainly used in construction, mining, food, food waste, paper, ceramics and other fields of viscous slurry long-distance transport, grouting and metering.

peristaltic pump for pumping food waste

Peristaltic pump can transfer high viscosity solids from one location to another. Peristaltic pump can work well for transporting food slurries and food waste. The peristaltic pump is used in potato processing plants to grind potato skins and other waste. The slurry is 70% solid, but it is easy to move under the action of a peristaltic pump.

The peristaltic pump is usually cleaned by running the cleaning solution back. This can also clean upstream pipes. Since the only part of the peristaltic pump in contact with the pump is the hose and the fittings on both sides, there is little risk of cross contamination and can be cleaned in place.

The peristaltic pump uses a positive displacement to allow fluid to flow through the pipe. Imagine you're trying to drink a milkshake through a straw, but the liquid is too thick. So you squeeze your two fingers together at one end of the straw, move them in your own direction, and push the milkshake over the straw for you to enjoy.

pumping food waste peristaltic pump

This is the effect of the peristaltic pump, but the peristaltic pump uses rollers instead of fingers. Since all pumping actions occur outside the tube, there is no possibility of contamination. In the food and beverage industry, it is important to enforce hygiene.

The peristaltic pump has even been used to move live fish. The fish is in the water and the creep causes waves, which flushes the fish with the fish. The winemaker uses a peristaltic pump to move seeds, peels and stems (collectively, "bottle caps") to the press station.

The main features of peristaltic pump:
1. Self-improvement self-absorption;
2. Strong ability to run dry;
3. Reversible;
4. No metal friction in the hose;
5. The material pumped only touches the hose;
6. Easy maintenance and short downtime.

The main features of peristaltic pump hose:
1. The precision requirement of the extrusion tube is low;
2. Under the squeeze of the squeeze roller, rolling friction has lower requirements for lubrication;
3. The squeeze tube is reclaimed on the recycling roller;
4. The extrusion interval is adjusted by the eccentric wheel;
5. Natural rubber hose with 4 threaded strengthenings as a squeeze hose.

If you have the same need about peristaltic pump for pumping food waste, you can tell us directly, email address: info@gaodetec.com

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