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PC strand pusher machine factory

2019-07-02 18:23:09

Gaode equipment GS steel strand pusher machine can push steel strand continuously .the pushe manchine has the features of easy operation, reliable performance, efficiency significantly.The machine reduces the labour, and widely used for large-scale bridges, and constitutive objects. High performance with good quality.

Currently, only two or three people are required to use the threading machine to feed and wear the cable. Under normal circumstances, at least two 32-meter prefabricated box girders can be worn in one class. The threading operation of the threading machine is as follows:

It is an ideal rigging machine, and it is the main tool for constructing bridges and large buildings using prestressed work for the passage of steel hinges. The prestressed steel stranding machine can be retractable, fast or slow, small in size, light in weight, simple in operation, and easy to maintain. During the construction process, the two can complete the operation, greatly reducing labor intensity and increasing production efficiency.

PC strands pusher

Our steel strand pusher machine feature:

1. PC strand pusher machine is a equipment used for pushing pc strand through into metal duct(or hdpe plastic ducts) in bridges, buildings construction.

2. For pushing through 15.24mm, 12.7mm, 12.5mm, 15.7mm pc strand.

3. Pushing capacity(distance): we have 60m machine, 100m machine, 150m machine and 210 machine.

4. Maximum pushing distance: 210m, minimum 60m. 210m machine widely used in bridges beams cast-in-site, and 60m machine widely used in precast factory.

5. Machine motor options: 2.2kw, 5kw, 7.5kw.

6. Features: fast speed, saving labour(need only two worker can pushing all pc strand in site), easy operation and maintenance.

7. With full complete accessories, wear-out parts.

8. We also supply mono jack, multi-jacks, duct making machine, flat oval duct machine, stressed pump, and prestressing materials such as pc strand, mono anchor, multi-strands anchor, flat anchor, ducts.

new type pusher machine


7.5kw PC Strands Pusher Machine


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