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Reasons for mechanical spraying of mortar pump

2018-09-13 10:43:34

During the transportation and spraying process, the mortar may block the pipe due to various reasons. So how much do you know about the mechanical blocking of mortar? Blocking of the pipe is basically caused by the following reasons: mortar pump formulation problem, mortar separation and residence time in the pipeline is too long, working pressure is too high and so on.

mortar concrete pump

First, the blockage phenomenon occurs in the mortar formulation problem.
The blockage of the mortar concrete pump formulation problem generally occurs in the initial stage of use. Because the mortar lacks certain fluidity, the friction is too large when the mortar flows in the slurry pipe, causing the pipe to be blocked. The plugging of this phenomenon generally occurs when the batch of mortar is used for the first time. The solution can adjust the variety or dosage of the admixture, and at the same time, the fluidity can be adjusted by adjusting the cementing material. After that, it should be tested and demonstrated. In addition to meeting the mechanical spraying performance, it is necessary to meet the requirements of product quality indicators and mortar cost.

cement grout and mortar pump

Second, the blockage caused by the segregation of mortar.
The blockage caused by the segregation of the mortar generally occurs in the middle of the spraying process. The main reason is that the mortar at the bottom of the mortar bulk tank is segregated, resulting in a change in the performance of the mortar material. The precautionary measure is to control the storage allowance of the bulk tank. When the storage capacity of the bottom of the bulk tank is too small, mortar mix pump should be stopped. For the mortar that has been isolated, try to increase the consistency of the mortar for the bottom layer.

continuous mortar pump

Third, the mortar stays in the pipeline for too long to produce a blocked pipe.
The main reason for the blockage of the mortar in the pipeline for a long time is because the mortar is too long to cause the initial setting of the mortar, which leads to a decrease in fluidity and a blockage. The main control method is to minimize the downtime. If it is necessary to stop for a long time, the remaining mortar in the equipment should be used up, and then the machine should be shut down and cleaned.
When the mortar is transported and sprayed, the pressure is too high to cause blockage.

mortar pump

In the mortar transportation and spraying, the pressure is too high to cause the pipe blocking phenomenon. The main reason for the pressure increase is the following factors, such as mortar formulation and segregation. One is that the conveying distance is too high and the height is too high, resulting in pressure increase.
The other is that the foreign matter in the spray device is blocked by the muzzle of the spraying device, and the pressure in the slurry pipe is increased. The mortar conveying and spraying equipment causes the pressure in the pipe to produce pressure bleeding when the pressure in the pipe is increased, which generally occurs at the outlet of the slurry pipe. As the pressure rises, part of the moisture in the mortar is secreted through the discharge port. If there is a problem with the seal of the slurry pipe joint, the mortar at the interface will be bleed, resulting in the phenomenon of pipe blockage. The plugging of this phenomenon is pre-existing.

mortar mixer machine

Generally, the amount of mortar conveyed and the amount of spraying are obviously reduced, and the working pressure is gradually increased. In this case, the operator must stop using the equipment in time, otherwise the pressure will follow. Increasingly, the situation of mortar pressure bleeding is intensified, which leads to more serious blockage. If the machine is shut down in time, the general blockage only occurs at the discharge end, and it is relatively simple to clean up. 

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