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Mini shotcrete machine for sale

2022-03-26 10:31:56

GZ-3 shotcrete machine is a small-sized mini shotcrete machine for the dry spraying process. 

dry spraying process small shotcrete machine

According to different drive types, small mini dry shotcrete machine for sale is divided into electric motor drive, air motor drive, and diesel engine.

mini shotcrete machine

It has reasonable mechanism, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, long service life.

small shotcrete machine

Mini small shotcrete machine is mainly used for spraying concrete construction operations such as swimming pool, tunnels, repairing concrete construction, underground projects, slope protection, etc.

small shotcrete machine cases

Technical parameter of air motor small mini dry shotcrete machine
Output Capacity 1.5~3m3/h mini shotcrete machine
Suitable Mix Ratio(Cement/Sand) ≤1:3~5
Max. Aggregate Size 10mm
Conveying Pressure 0.2~0.4Mpa (29-58PSI)
Conveying Hose ID 38mm
Air Consumption for Conveying Material 5~6m3/min(180-215CFM)
Air Motor Type TMH5.5D
Air Motor Air Pressure 0.5MPa(71PSI)
Air Motor Air Consumption 6.5m3/min(230CFM)
Conveying Distance 60m (Vertical)
Conveying Distance 200m (Horizontal)
Material Charging Height 0.9m
Rotor Speed 14r/min
Weight 430Kg
Overall Dimension 1130×540×1020m
Note: We can supply the electric motor and diesel engine dry mix shotcrete machine for option.

Technical parameter of electric motor mini dry shotcrete machine:
Output Capacity 3m3/h mini shotcrete machine for sale
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance 200m
Suitable Mix Ratio(Cement/Sand) ≤1:3~5
Max. Aggregate Size Φ10 mm
Conveying Hose Inner Diameter Φ38/Φ50mm
Conveying Pressure 0.2-0.4MPa(29-58PSI)
Air Consumption for conveying material 5~6m3/min(180-215CFM)
Material Charging Height 0.9m
Rotor Speed 14r/min
Motor Power 3kW(4hp),IP55
Available Voltage 220V,380V,440V,660V 50Hz/60Hz
Overall Dimension(length×width×height) 1.13×0.54×1.02m
Net Weight 430kg

Technical parameter of diesel driven small dry shotcrete machine:
Rated Output 3-3m3/h small shotcrete machine
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance 200m
Suitable Mix Ratio(Cement/Sand) ≤ 1: 3~5
Max. Aggregate Size Φ 10 mm
Conveying Hose Inner Diameter 38/51mm
Operating air Pressure 0.2-0.4MPa(29-58PSI)
Air Consumption 5~6m 3 /min(180-215CFM
Diesel Engine 10hp,2200rpm
Diesel Engine Starting Electric start
Clutch Type in Diesel Engine Automatic Clutch
Material Charging Height 0.9m
Rotor Speed 9-13r/min
Overall Dimension(L× W× H) 1.8× 0.8× 1.2m
Net Weight 480kg

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