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Mini concrete mixer with pump for sale

2017-09-13 14:37:52

Trailer concrete mixer with pump is a small concrete conveying pump, adopting full automatic operating system, with feeding, mixing, high pressure conveying, it is the kinds of ground pump, it is called mixer pump, trailer mixing pump. It could mixing at work site, keep conveying, which could increase working efficiency. The type mini concrete mixer with pump, easily operate, steady performance, convenient mobile.
Mini concrete pump with pump is used for conveying middle or small aggregate size or construction of piled foundation, including rural civil construction, township and new countryside construction, mine, working in the road railway tunnel, water resources and hydropower engineering, geological disaster slope control, grouting concrete in based irrigation or narrow spaces, etc.
The advantages of concrete mixer with pump are following:

1)  Making concrete pump and concrete mixer into one machine, it has two function: mixing and pumping. It could save purchasing cost.

2)  Mixing at work site, continuously conveying, working efficiency is 4-6 times than traditional stationary type concrete mixer and concrete pump, greatly improving working efficiency, shorten construction progress.

3)  The mini concrete pump just need one person to finish during mixing and pumping, easily operate, high degree of mechanization, greatly saving labor cost.

4)  The total power of concrete mixer with pump is smaller than the total power of traditional mixer and pump, it’s very suitable for rural building.

5)  Mini concrete pump with mixer is easily moved, convenient and flexible, strong maneuverability, it is very suitable for working at different buildings.

6)  The concrete equipment is remotely controlled, it could automatically unloading, and mixer can automatically mix concrete in the drum.

7)  It could meet over 100m high floors and 300m conveying distance.

8)  Cooperating with forklift to feeder, which could save labor cost, improving working efficiency.

9)  Feeder, mixing and pumping all are mechanized, reduce labor strength.

10)  The life of accessories increase 30%, pump machine is more safe and reliable. The life of conveying cylinder is more than 150,000m3.

11)  Mini concrete mixer and pump also could used for investment rent, low investment cost, more popular, shorter period of cost recovery.

Construction case:

1) High floor operation, reaching high efficiency working.

2) Agrarian restructuring project, used for water irrigation.

3) Concrete mixer with pump also could be refitted into vehicle-mounted concrete drag pump, more convenient mobile.

4) Concrete mixer and pump also could be refitted into ship-loading type concrete mixer pump, it is best choice at wharf.

Concrete mixer with pump 

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