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Manual hydraulic oil pump working process

2018-07-31 11:31:49

The manual hydraulic oil pump is a small hydraulic pump that converts manual mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. In the case of using hydraulic jacks and special tools, various operations such as lifting, bending, straightening, shearing, riveting, assembly, disassembly, and some construction and military construction can be performed.

Handle: The process of lifting the handle is the process of sucking oil. The oil in the manual hydraulic pump storage tube is sucked into the plunger through the low pressure valve. This process continues until the plunger is full, the pressure rises to 1MPa, the oil pump opens the low pressure relief valve, and the oil returns to the storage tube again. .

Pressing the handle: The process of pressing the handle is the process in which the oil pump converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. At this time, the high pressure plunger works, the low pressure valve is closed, and the oil flows from the valve block into the oil pipe, thereby pushing the hydraulic cylinder to work. When the pressure continues to rise above the rated pressure of 70MPa, the high pressure valve inside the oil pump is opened, and the oil overflows from the high pressure valve and returns to the oil storage pipe, thereby ensuring that the supply pressure is always maintained at 70MPa. We usually call the high pressure valve here a safety valve. The safety valve is the necessary component to ensure that the pump does not exceed the load. When the oil is continuously pressed into the hydraulic cylinder, this is a process of external work, and the internal pressure is thus reduced. In order to ensure the continuous work of the oil pump, we need to constantly shake the handle to ensure the pressure required for the system to work.

manual pump

Therefore, the operation of the manual hydraulic oil pump is a long-term labor process. For this reason, in some systems requiring high flow and higher rated power, we generally choose an electric hydraulic pump station. Saving time and effort is an important factor we consider in some occasions. 

500ton hydraulic jack with 40L manual pump

hand pump with single acting self locking hydraulic jack

hnad pump with manual pump

manual pump with thin hydraulic cylinder

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