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Maintenance of the crawler type long spiral drilling machine

2014-08-12 09:36:16

Daily maintenance of long spiral drilling machine in direct relation to the long spiral drilling machine service life, here are nine maintenance steps tracked long spiral drilling machine, used to share with you
The first step, a pile machine column guide rail, slewing mechanism, slewing, bracing adjustment mechanism, the oblique supporting rod, roller, guide wheel, driving wheel bracket should do regular checks on the lubricating oil.
(1) the main winch drum ends copper sleeve should be every Banga grease.
(2) carrier wheel, guide wheel, driving wheel at least should add a lubricating grease filling should be ticked off track. Note: the guide wheel and lubricating grease should be filling in a guide wheel rotation, and observe the lubricant overflow, if there is no grease overflow, and gas pressure or unable to join should remove track and guide wheel dredging oil passage.
(3) the main winch exposed gears, column guide rail power head slips, inclined support rod should be inspected daily timely lubrication, lubricating oil
(4) the hydraulic system should be checked daily, found that lack of timely replenishment of hydraulic oil.
(5) the oblique supporting the ball head seat should add oil lubrication, check daily supplement.
The second step, wire and cable joint, pipe joint, easy to collision and friction, should be set or pipe protection.
The third step, when the daily should carefully check the power head, or vibration hammer flange bolts, the running mechanism of bolt and nut is loose.
The fourth step, when the daily should pay attention to a diagonal bracing wire rod is without moving phenomena, such as a move should stop work immediately, remove out of the end cap beam, the oblique supporting pressure, lower fastening nut and lock, if necessary with a welding weld nut. In winter the temperature drops below zero should check out beam without water, water is removed in time, prevent freezing to loosen nut.
The fifth step, the oblique supporting rotation, should observe whether the swing phenomenon, such as the timely replacement of diagonal bracing in the swing guide copper or brass nut.
The sixth step, the hydraulic system oil tank, oil pump, the control valve should be kept clean. Each tank drain, must be carefully cleaned to prevent dirt from entering into the oil.
The seventh step, the crawler chain of each working day shall be cleaned, to ensure the normal operation of the track.
The eighth step, the power head pulley slips, nylon sleeve, main hoist copper sleeve wear should be replaced.
The ninth step, the wire rope should be in accordance with the relevant standards inspection maintenance use.

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