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JM Series Mechanical Diaphragm Dosing Pump

2015-03-24 09:12:36

 First, determine the pressure:
      Selected metering pump rated pressure slightly higher than the actual maximum pressure needed, generally 10 to 20 percent higher. Do not choose too high, the pressure is too high will waste energy, increasing investment and operating cost of the equipment.
Second, determine the flow:
      The selected metering pump flow rate should be equal to or slightly greater than the required flow process. Using metering pump flow rate in the range of 30 to 100% of the dosing pump is preferably rated flow range, then the dosing repeat reproduction with high precision. Considering the economical and practical, the actual needs of the metering pump recommended flow selector 70 to 90% of rated flow metering pump.
Third, determine the head (hydraulic end) Material:
      After the specific model metering pump size is determined, according to the choice of the media over the property stream flow part of the material, this step is very important, if you choose properly, will cause corrosion damage to media or media flow components leak contaminated systems. Serious cases may cause a major accident, if you are not sure, please consult our company.
Other areas:
      When you select the metering pumps, metering pumps also need to consider the level of precision required, the greater the investment, the higher level of accuracy. Metering pump operating temperature is generally -30 ~ 100 ℃, special metering pumps which a wider operating temperature range (high temperature liquid metering pumps such as with insulation jacket, the transport temperature up to 500 ℃). For medium size, we ask should be less than 0.1mm, for more than 0.1mm of media, targeted to the over-current structure of the pump changes to meet the needs. For the viscosity of the medium, should generally be in the 0 ~ 1000mm / s, a special metering pumps up to 6000 mm2 / s. Mechanical diaphragm metering pump flow is below the rated pressure calibration measured maximum flow (at room temperature water transport time), if the pressure drop, the flow rate output is higher than calibration.

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