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Advantages and features of the peristaltic pump

2015-04-03 09:25:18

First, the advantages of the peristaltic pump
1, no contamination - fluid contacts only the tubing;
2, durable - for a variety of industrial or laboratory conditions;
3, easy to wash and clean - simply replace the pump tube can be back to work;
4, multi-purpose - gentle, low shear flow for liquid, gas, two-phase flow and viscous fluid;
5, low maintenance, no seals, no valve;
6, good self-priming function, non-siphon, can run dry and self-absorption.
Second, the main features of the peristaltic pump
1, high cost, to meet the single-channel, multi-channel different work requirements;
2, a wide range of flow adaptation, can pump mucus;
3, high-precision control;
4, a number of control, timing quantitative variety of programming;
5, can be combined with work;
6, can balance work with other devices such as computers blender;
7, there are supporting software and other equipment.
Three, Cole-Parmer peristaltic pump introduces the main features of Cole-Parmer MasterFlex peristaltic pump: precise, durable and easy to use every part is designed according to strict standards, rigorous testing to ensure accurate flow control. Peristaltic pump designed to limit fluid in the tubing, so the pump can not contaminate the fluid, the fluid can not contaminate the pump. When you want to use a different fluid is pumped, only need to replace the different pump tubing.
And other industrial applications is increasing. Metering pumps less efficient, typically 20%, power is also small.

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