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Hydraulic Dual Slurry Grouting Pump Application

2018-03-21 11:58:08

GH-HD series hydraulic dual slurry grouting pump is one kind of high pressure, large flow grout pump. It could be used for grouting single slurry, double slurry and chemical slurry for tunnel grouting, dam grouting, post grouting etc.  So Gaodetec hydraulic grout pump were widely used for high pressure large flow plug projects, also be widely used for dual slurry grouting, and meet both cylinders work on same time also suction and delivery should be on same time.

hydraulic grout pump

Gaodetec GH-HD series
hydraulic dual slurry grouting pump working principle is: this pump transmits pressure signals by working medium (slurry and hydraulic oil) to form closed-loop automatic control function, therefore the pump with advantages simple in structure, can regulate timely and accurately, and has no overpressure problem. This pump can adjust its output and working pressure by continuously variable adjustment, and has the function of automatic regulating output according to the pre-seted grouting final pressure.

grout pump double cylinders

How do you think of the hydraulic dual slurry grouting pump?

If you want one hydraulic dual slurry grouting pump, please contact [email protected] +86-15903613994 for more information and without any hesitation.

Gaodetec has its own technical team and with research and development ability, could design the hydraulic dual slurry grouting pump according to your demands, now has tens types hydraulic dual slurry grouting pump for sale. So please contact us for more information of hydraulic dual slurry grouting pump for your grouting business now!!!

dual slurry grouting pump


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