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Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

2014-12-22 11:17:10

 Also known as full hydraulic core drilling rig oil rig. A hydraulic drive and control all the moving parts of the rig. Such rig by high pressure pumps and variable stepless variable motor oil, simplify transmission mechanism, remove the gearbox, not only reduces the weight of the rig, but also make full use of the power. While high speed rig, smooth, easy and safe to operate, easy to automate and instrumentation, high-speed small-bore drilling and high torque low speed drilling engineering have good adaptability. But this rig manufacturing hydraulic components more complex, use and maintenance requirements are relatively high. Their structure type, can be divided into vertical shaft hydraulic power head drill rigs and two hydraulic. Hydraulic drilling rig has been widely used internationally.
一. Description
Full hydraulic core drilling rig is a diamond or hard metal. Having a plurality of functions and a high drilling capability. This product meets the cord to obtain the core bit and top drive drilling. This type of hydraulic drilling rig is usually powered by diesel, hydraulic system, control system, main winch, wine line coring winch, unit head, feeding systems, and wellhead clamp components.
二. Features
1. The separable structure, hydraulic core drilling rig is easier to transport. It is a modular design for easy installation.
2. This machine is a powerful transmission power and high stability of hydraulic power.
3. combining the advantages of hydraulic core drill rigs and hydraulic core drill hole drilling spindle type. They have a high boom.
4. The hydraulic drilling rig features long feeding stroke (4800 mm). Drilling rig efficiency largely improved.
5. The variable speed is available. Hydraulic core drilling rig is stable, with a wide speed range. It can achieve high torque at low rpm.
6. The combination of mechanical and hydraulic speed of the shift, hydraulic drilling rig can be stepless between 0 and 1200 rev / min. It also has a digital display.
三. Application
This type of hydraulic drilling rig for solid metallic or non-metallic mineral resources, coal bed methane, natural gas, hydro wells, geothermal wells and ventilation of exploration and mine drainage tunnel. Hydraulic core drills can also be used for engineering rescue. It is widely used in geology, coal, metallurgy, nonferrous metals, petroleum, hydrology, engineering and other fields.

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