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How to Maintain Hydraulic Chamber Filter Press?

2018-10-03 09:22:01

hydraulic chamber filter press

Hydraulic chamber filter press
is familiar solid-liquid separation equipment; it must be operated as per operating instructions. Once you operate it wrong, it is easily break down; it will influence the working and result of filter press. So, it is very necessary to make maintain of chamber filter press.

chamber filter press

The Maintain of Hydraulic Chamber Filter Press

1. Please check each connection is fixed or not, the function of each spare part is good or not. If you find any abnormal condition, you must inform maintenance personnel to repair it at once.

2. If the hydraulic filter press won’t be working for a long time, you should wash filter cloth and filter plate firstly, then dry them.

3. Please turn off electric supply when you unload any modules.

4. Checking bear, piston rod, keep all the spare parts cleaning, well lubricating property, keep all the parts flexible.

5. Electric control cabinet system must be insulation, do reliability test, if you find the any abnormal condition, please repair this filter press at once or change new electrical components.

6. Before pressing, checking filter cloth, ensure that there is no any fold, break, keep it flat and complete, to sure its filter effect.

hydraulic filter press

The Maintain of Hydraulic Pump Station of Hydraulic Chamber Filter Press

1. It need filter when fill oil.

2. If the hydraulic filter press stop working for one hour, you need to turn on the hydraulic pump station for series minutes, then start filter press to work.

3. You should regular check couplers, nut and other quick-wear parts.

4. Hydraulic oil in the oil tank, if you find hydraulic oil have emulsify, please check new hydraulic oil at timely.

5. If hydraulic filter press or hydraulic pump station need to repair, usually, please don’t tear pump, hydraulic valve unit and other main hydraulic configuration. It could be changed after confirmed.

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