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How to maintain and repair Rig?

2014-08-20 15:50:16

Rig is an integral part of our infrastructure equipment, with the continuous development of technology, more and more big rigs range, to our daily lives has brought a lot of convenience, to learn how to rig maintenance and repair works have been urgent!
Rig construction must be done in addition to routine maintenance, but also must follow the requirements of the important parts for regular maintenance work. Need to pay particular attention to the following five points:
1, Class work to give Rig mention former lead Fill the lubricating grease, to mention when the lead is oiling must take the other side of the butter mouth open, this will help put the note in the previous butter squeezed out, on the contrary may put lead is mentioned in the seal squeeze bad. Dirty water containing sediment is very easy to enter, will reduce bearing wear rig mention cited the sensitivity.
2, Check the adequacy of each fuel tank, oil is normal, check the adequacy of gear reducer oil, oil is normal; check for leakage fault;
3, Check the main and secondary rope presence of broken wires and connections are intact and safe.
4, Check whether the rotating flexible mention cited, whether internal butter contamination.
5, Check the steel strong constitutive part for cracks, corrosion, sealing off and other damage.
Our failure to timely treatment if it is found in the use of the process, to eliminate all security risks, ensure project rig is always in top working condition.


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