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High shear grout mixer for sale

2021-09-12 17:30:47

What is high shear grout mixer for sale?
High shear grout mixer for sale is a professional equipment for grouting construction development, mainly for hydropower, railway, highway, bridge, construction, mining and other industries to provide slurry preparation. Is a kind of mechanical equipment used in construction engineering construction, although their processing materials are different, but their basic working principle is very similar. His processing materials are mainly water, cement, grouting agent, grouting material, through high-speed mixing and mixing into stable and firm performance of high density slurry.
Gaodetec sells high-shear electric grout mixers that make the mixing more efficient and profitable for the owner. Cement, water, bentonite, additives and other materials are pumped through a high-speed impeller pump with a pump speed of 1500rpm to prevent flocculation and achieve complete wetting. High shear electric grout mixers have been shown to improve the apparent fluidity of grout mixtures by 20% over paddle mixers, providing important advantages in dam, rock and soil grout.
The power of high shear grout mixer for sale can be electric motor, diesel engine and pneumatic (pneumatic or pneumatic). They are all made from lead equipment. And High shear grout mixer for sale ismainly used in different workplaces and conditions. This is a very versatile and efficient device.
The electric high shear grout mixer for sale can be used in the field where power supply is very convenient. Diesel engine cement mixer is mainly used in the workplace with insufficient outdoor power. Pneumatic cement mixer is suitable for inflammable, explosive, water spraying, high dust and other harsh conditions. Safer and more reliable.

high shear grout mixer

Where can tou get a competitive price for high shear grout mixer?
Gaodetec is the top brand of Chinese glue mixer.Depending on the engine, there are electric high shear grout mixer for sale and diesel-driven glue mixers to choose from.Depending on the capacity of the mixer, there are also many types to choose from.Different types of glue mixers have different prices.The colloidal slurry mixer is a special equipment for mixing slurry in the grouting construction; the high shear grout mixer is widely used in water conservancy, electric power, coal, railway, transportation, construction, mining and other engineering departments.
The mortar mixer can quickly mix water, cement, bentonite, sand and other additives.
Do you want the price of the glue mixer? Please contact us now! Email address: info@gaodetec.com
Gaodetec has its own technical team with research and development capabilities to design gelatine grouting mixers according to customer requirements and can also customize the color. Please inquire now about the correct grouting mixer. Love color!!

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