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High pressure mud pump manufacturers

2020-11-18 11:27:13

High pressure mud pump manufacturers
Gaodetec is a drilling rig high pressure mud pump equipment company located in central China. We have been in business for more than 6 years. Many of our employees have over 20 years of background and experience in the design and manufacture of piston mud pumps. We can create custom packaging and modify it, as well as provide specially designed reciprocating mud pumps. We provide our customers with pumps suitable for drilling projects.

high pressure mud pump manufacturers

As a world-renowned manufacturer of high pressure mud pumps, we offer a wide range of high-pressure mud pumps to meet different construction needs. BW series of high-pressure mud pump is an energy saving, special structural equipment, widely used in mining, drilling, coal, railways, roads, water and hydropower, bridges, high-rise buildings, foundation reinforcement projects.

mud pump manufacturers

Applications for drilling rigs and mud pumps:
1. Project: Construction drilling of projects, such as exploration, geo-exploration (geological exploration), railways, roads, ports, bridges, hydropower, tunnels, oil wells, industrial and civil buildings;
2. Exploration: coal mining, ore exploration;
3. Wells: Small hole diameter water well drilling;
4. Pipe installation: heat pump geothermal pipe installation;
5. Base pile: small diameter hole base pile drilling.

high pressure mud pump

They are also the main equipment for geological surveys, and their primary role in the drilling of boreholes in the heart is to supply fluids (mud or water) that circulate during drilling and transport rock waste back to the ground to achieve and maintain bottom cleanliness and to lubricate drill bits and drills by cooling them.

Features of mud pumps:
1. Electric high-pressure piston double mud pump using advanced product design, reasonable structure, pressure, large flow, multi-shift variable, energy saving, small size, high efficiency, long service life, safe operation, convenient maintenance.
2. Power is electric and diesel drive, customers can choose before ordering. It can also be driven by a hydraulic motor.
3. Compact, lightweight, small in size and beautiful in appearance, driven by hydraulic motors, electric or diesel engines.
4. BW series slurry pump is a horizontal three-cylinder slurry pump, with high stability and high pressure.
5. Mud pump has variable speed regulation flow, large output capacity, simple operation.
6. High-quality pump parts, less volatile parts, long service life, low engineering cost.
7. Electric high-pressure piston double mud pump suction speed is fast, pump efficiency is high.
8. Mud pump noise less, less dust, environmentally friendly operation.

high pressure mud pump for sale

Gaode Equipment now has BW series three-cylinder mud pump inventory. Different flows and pressures are available. And meet the flow and pressure requirements of different projects. High-value, high-performance drilling mud pumps are ready for your project. For more information about diesel engine three-cylinder drilling mud pumps, feel free to email us at info@gaodetec.com

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