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High pressure hydraulic jack supplier

2020-06-23 18:17:29

High pressure hydraulic jack supplier

Gaodetec is a professional high pressure hydraulic jack supplier in the design, production, sale and service of hydraulic jack.

high pressure hydraulic jack supplier

The ultra-thin high pressure hydraulic jack has a very low closing height and is suitable for limited space. It is can be used for highway bridge maintenance, ship diesel engine maintenance adjustment, power plant wind power equipment maintenance adjustment and other synchronous lifting instead of rubber bearings.

Gaodetec has always been "speed, refinement and innovation" as its purpose, to provide users with more appropriate system solutions, with our mature technology and management return to society. Gaodetec has established a perfect quality management system and intelligent system integration technical specifications, focusing on management on one hand and quality on the other. While strengthening quality management, it has trained a group of high-quality engineering and technical personnel and established a good corporate image.

ultrathin hydraulic jack

This high pressure hydraulic jack can directly conduct pressure test on the pressure vessel, equipped with special tools for lifting, bending, straightening, extrusion, shearing, riveting, jacking, stretching, disassembly, punching, construction steel bar extrusion, Various operations such as bridges and construction machinery.

The principle behind the work of ultra-thin high pressure hydraulic jacks is the pascal principle, that is, the pressure of the jack liquid is consistent throughout, so that in a balanced system, the pressure applied on the smaller piston is smaller, and the pressure applied on the larger piston it is also relatively large, which can keep the liquid still, so through the transfer of liquid, you can get different pressures on different ends, so that you can achieve a purpose of transformation, so as to achieve the role of lifting and lifting.

hydraulic jack supplier

1. The top of high pressure hydraulic jack is equipped with an elastic seal to avoid impurities entering the cylinder, thus extending the life of the cylinder.
2. The top finite overflow port, when the plunger exceeds the stroke, automatic overflow, safe and convenient.
3. Overload test pressure is 1.5 times the rated operating pressure.
4. The lift stroke is longer than similar and closed height cylinders.
5. G1/4 inch connectors and dust caps are included on all models.

We need to check when using any jacks, and high pressure hydraulic jacks are no exception. So what problems should we pay attention to when inspecting this large-tonnage jack product? Next, our staff will explain it to you briefly.

high pressure hydraulic jack for bridge

Check the large-tonnage high pressure hydraulic jack to determine the center of gravity of the lifting object. It is necessary to correctly select the point of focus of the jack. The ground hardness is high or tough wood is selected to prevent the risk of tilting and dumping when the ground is not strong during lifting. It is also necessary to check whether the working environment meets the requirements. After all, if problems are found during the operation, then the risk cannot be prevented, which is also a job that cannot be ignored.

Check whether the high pressure hydraulic jack is overloaded, which is also a non-standard mechanical equipment. Therefore, you need to study the contents of the instruction manual before use, standardize the use of high pressure hydraulic jacks, and strictly follow the importance of the instructions. This is also a problem to be considered when using large tonnage jacks.

The above is the relevant content of the high pressure hydraulic jack. If you want to know more exciting information, please feel free to check our website for updates.

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