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Grouting injection plant for tunneling

2020-03-14 14:03:56

For grouting injection, our knowledge of grouting and mixing gives you the advice you need to get the job at hand. Our one-stop shop offers mixing, storage and pumping equipment. Most compact grouting plants are equipped with mixing tanks and grout pumps to make your grouting and grouting easier.

grouting injection plant for tunneling

Grouting injection plant are designed for tunneling, cement mixing and grouting projects. Now we have developed a full range of grout mixing tanks and pumps. With different flow, pressure and power. The model GGP400/700/80PL-E injection plant has reached advanced technology and replaced the US and European grouting mixing tank pumps in China. The agitator has a volume of 400 L and the agitator has a volume of 700 L. Vertical ram type grouting pump with adjustable flow and pressure. At a low pressure of 0-25 bar, the flow rate is 0-80 L / min. At a high pressure of 0-45 bar, the flow rate is 0-58 L / min. The entire system is suitable for water to cement ratios greater than 0.5:1. As for power, motors and diesel engines can be produced by us. Grouting mixing tanks and pumps are widely used in tunnels, mining, dam foundations, soil infiltration, soil and rock grouting, fine cement, waterproofing, osmotic grouting, soil anchoring, soil nailing, rock bolting, pile packing and post-tensioning, etc.

grouting plant for tunneling

As for the GGP400/700/80PL-E injection plant, the high shear high speed mixer produces an excellent high shear colloidal mixture and is an industry leader. So for a tank mix, about 2-3 minutes. Vertical piston pumps on machines have proven to be extremely durable and reliable. Grout mixing tanks and pumps allow a single operator to manage all aspects of the plant, saving labor costs. The pump output and all grout valves are easy to control. Many well-known and respected micro-tunnel and tunnel contractors now use the GGP400/700/80PL-E grouting plant for tunneling. This machine helps to produce the highest quality grout. This product is a turnkey solution for your grouting needs. Let's build one for your project.

injection plant for tunneling

Sales of Gaodetec equipment grout mixing tanks and pumps for design quality, productivity and ease of operation. Our company is ISO certified and SGS reports. Each grouting tank and pump sold are tested and tested to achieve the highest level of quality. GGP series grout mixing tanks and pumps sold also have different tank sizes, different pump capacities and pressures, and machine power.

Gaodetec Equipment has many years of experience in the manufacture and marketing of grout pumps and has specific customer application requirements for grouting. Capacity and power can be customized to your project. It has been more than 20 years since the sale of grouting injection plant and some engineers in the field of grouting. Ergonomic, space saving, central lift position.

grout plant unit for tunneling

To inquire or order grouting injection plant for tunneling, please send an email to info@gaodetec.com

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