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Grout plant for tunnel project

2020-09-17 18:14:40

Grout plant for tunnel project
The main purpose of tunnel grouting is to strengthen the surrounding rock, ensure the stability of the tunnel chamber, and ensure the realization of controlled discharge. The tunnel body is located in a section with developed groundwater. A large amount of discharge may affect the local ecological environment. The principle of waterproof and drainage is to reduce the loss of water resources.

Grouting technology plays an important role in anti-seepage of underground structures, reinforcement of foundation pits, prevention of ground subsidence, foundation treatment of constructed structures, and pipe jacking to reduce friction and jacking. For tunnel engineering, grouting has a filling, reinforcing and reducing seepage effect.

Grouting technology

Tunnel project grouting technology:
1. Advanced small pipe grouting technology
Its characteristics are: simple construction technology, small construction operation space requirements, construction plan can be adjusted at any time, and significant economic benefits. Small pipes are mainly used in stratum pre-grouting, which can change the mechanical properties of surrounding rock and improve surrounding rock. The mechanical parameters are a commonly used method of grouting.
2. Full-section curtain grouting technology
Its characteristics are: when the surrounding rock of the excavation surface is broken and the water inflow is large, the surrounding pre-grouting is used to form a grouting consolidation of the surrounding rock by grouting into the surrounding rock, reducing its permeability coefficient and improving the self-stability of the surrounding rock , Together with the initial support to ensure the stability and safety of the cavern during construction. This technology has been practically applied in the Geleshan Tunnel.
3. Large pipe shed
The advanced pipe shed support is to drill a hole parallel to the tunnel axis along the excavation contour line, then insert the steel pipe, and inject grouting into the pipe, consolidate the surrounding rock around the steel pipe, and form a scaffold within a predetermined range Support system. Its main function is to increase the shear strength of the surrounding rock around the steel pipe and integrate the steel pipe with the surrounding rock. The scaffolding system transfers the load of the front soil and supports the surrounding rock first. Generally used in the construction of the opening. This method can also be used in a tunnel with a small buried depth and a building directly above it.

tunnel grouting

The main function of grouting:
1. Reduce the permeability of surrounding rock, improve its impermeability, and reduce the seepage flow of groundwater;
2. Drain (partially block water) water flow, improve project construction and operating conditions;
3. Improve the mechanical properties of the surrounding rock of the tunnel and improve its integrity;
4. Fill the karst caves, karst grooves, and fissures in the surrounding rock around the tunnel to prevent collapse and improve its physical and mechanical conditions.

grout plant for tunnel project

Gaodetec also has its own technical team and with research and development ability about the grout plant for tunnel project, please send your requirements on the grout plant, we will offer solution according to your demands at first time. Contact us now for more information for your grouting business now!!!

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