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Grout Mixer for sale in Philippines

2020-07-18 14:05:19

Grout mixer is widely used in Southeast Asia, such as Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar etc. Cement grout mixer is used for cement and water mixing. And usually water cement ratio is more than 0.5:1. Of course, if your grouting liquid is very thick, you need the customize grout mixer machine.
Gaodetec is one
leading grout mixer manufacturer and supplier in China. Gaodetec grout mixer is one high shear high speed grout mixer, the mixing cement slurry time only need about 2 minutes. So the grout mixer could fast mix water, cement and additive etc. The high shear high speed grout mixer also could work with agitator, the agitator has 2 functions, one is avoid sediment, another is to storage mixed cement slurry. In this case, the mixing work could be done continuously.

grouting mixer agitator for sale in Philippines

Gaodetec main supply diesel engine drive high shear high speed grout mixer for Philippines customers. Because the voltage difference. But if Philippines customer want electric motor drive grout mixer, also no problem, we could customized electric motor with right voltage for you. Most popular diesel grout mixer in Philippines as below:

GM400D diesel high shear high speed grout mixer for sale in Philippines:

diesel engine high shear colloidal grout mixer

GMA360D diesel grout mixer agitator for sale in Philippines:

diesel grout mixer for sale in Philippines

GMA300-650D diesel high shear high speed grout mixer and agitator for sale in Philippines

diesel grout mixer in Philippines


If you are interested in our cement grout mixing machine, in order to offer one suitable grout mixer for you, please help us confirm the following points:

1. What material will you mixing, only cement, water, right?
2. What’s the W/C ratio of mixing slurry? >0.45:1?
3. What’s the capacity do you want in one hour?
4. What’s the mixer capacity do you need, 750L, 500L, 400L, 100L or more bigger?
5. Would you like the grout mixer with electric motor or diesel engine?
6. If want the  grout mixer with electric motor, what’s the voltage at the worksite, 3 phase, 380v, 50HZ or other?
7. Do you have any requirement on the grout mixer color? Usually our high speed grout mixer is yellow, blue, white, if you want other color. Also please tell us the color code.
8. Whether need one grout pump to work with the grout mixer, we also have grout plant for option.

How to find one good high shear high speed grout mixer supplier in China, send email to
info@gaodetec.com or call or send message through whatsapp viber wechat etc. to +86-15903613994.

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