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GEC3-50 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Applications

2015-04-09 09:22:37

 Because GEC3-50 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump pumps with the above characteristics, so since the birth of GEC3-50 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump pumps are gradually invade other pump market, and part of possession. Such as: painting, ceramics in GEC3-50 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump has an absolute dominant position, while in some other industries, such as environmental protection, wastewater treatment, construction, sewage, Fine Chemicals is expanding its market share, and have other pumps can not alternative position.
GEC3-50 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump pump is a new transport machinery, is currently one of the most innovative pump. Using compressed gas as a power source for a variety of corrosive liquid, with particles of liquid, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, poisonous liquid can be pumped optical exhaustion. There are four GEC3-50 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump material: plastic, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel. GEC3-50 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump pumps were used nitrile rubber, neoprene, Viton, Teflon, depending on the liquid medium, poly ethylene forty-six. To meet the needs of different users. Placed in a variety of special occasions, for pumping a variety of conventional pumps can not pump the media, have achieved satisfactory results.
1, due to the use of gas for power, so flow with back pressure (outlet resistance) changes in active regulation, suitable for high viscosity fluids. The centrifugal pump operating point due to the water as a benchmark to set a good, if slightly higher viscosity fluid is used, the necessary supporting reducer or frequency converter, the cost will be greatly improved, the gear pump as well.
2, explosive atmosphere with reliable pneumatic pumps and low costs, such as fuel, gunpowder, explosives, transportation, because: first, it is impossible to produce a spark after grounding; second, work no heat generation, the machine does not overheat; third, the fluid does not overheat because of GEC3-50 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump pumps for fluid agitation to a minimum.
3, at the site of the Central harsh, such as building sites, mining wastewater discharge due to impurities in wastewater and complex composition, pipeline easy to infarction, so the load on the electric pump to form an environment with high motor heat vulnerability. GEC3-50 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump pump can flow through the particles and adjustable initiative to stop the pipe infarction.
4, another small GEC3-50 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump pump easy to move, without foundation, small footprint, easy placement of the economy. Type of material can be used as mobile pump.
5, there are hazardous, corrosive material handling, the diaphragm material can be completely isolated from the outside world.
6, or some experiments to ensure that no impurity contamination of raw materials.
7, can be used to transport relatively unstable chemical nature of the fluid, such as: the photosensitive material, flocculation liquid. This is because the diaphragm of the low shear, little physical impact on the material.

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