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Foamed Concrete Equipment Construction Engineering how to build safety measures

2015-04-08 18:19:40

As the foam concrete equipment manufacturers, we know that it is a new wall materials production machinery and equipment, to facilitate investment, high efficiency, but also has a certain production danger, so we have to do preventive measures.
So for the production of foam concrete equipment requirements and safety measures, we summed up by customers reflect some experience. The first is on the motor power, leakage protection device should be installed, matching fuse should meet the requirements, then zero should be safe and reliable. Motor zero line with poor start to use is strictly prohibited. Secondly, it should be forbidden to use vibrators poking steel and templates, or use the vibrator as a sledgehammer, the operation must not allow the head to pinch steel vibrator or other hard objects inside and damage; Finally, pay attention to the job After the vibration must do cleaning and maintenance work. But also to keep the dryness. According to the above operation for foam concrete equipment for use, can effectively extend the life of the product, to help customers better development.
Equipment for the production of foam concrete foam concrete blocks, autoclaved aerated concrete brick automatic production equipment which is well known construction machinery industry. And the set of production line is fully automated production lines, suitable for mass production of foam blocks, foam concrete block machinery and equipment. Course, equipment needs to invest in such a meticulous arrangements, an appropriate patient selection manufacturers, since a good equipment can develop better. And we Lianchuang is adhering to a quality-oriented, customer-focused purpose of continuous innovation and development of our foam concrete equipment, and strive to make our products more customer satisfaction. 

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