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How to make foam concrete wall panels for house

2018-10-25 09:13:17

Foam concrete is widely used in CLC blocks, wall panels, floor heating, roof insulation and cast-in-place works. It is very popular in the world, especially in England, United States, German, Turkey, etc. developed countries.
However, with time going by, many developing countries have started to use the new style building material to build houses.

What are foam concrete wall panels?
Foam concrete wall panels is a new type building material, it is admixture mixed by foam and concrete. We can introduce foam to concrete so that we can get a new structure- Cellular Lightweight Concrete. It called foam concrete.

Foam concrete wall panels

Why so many people choose to use foam concrete wall panels for house? Because foam concrete wall panels have many outstanding advantages:

1. Lightweight: Dry bulk density 300 kg/m^3 -1500kg/m^3, 1/8-1/2 as light as common concrete, imposing a minimum loading on the building, excellent in earthquake resistance.

2. High Compression Strength: compressive strength ranging from 0.6 MPa to 25 MPa, 4 times as traditional aerated concrete.

3. Thermal Insulation: Low thermal conductivity, good heat preservation and good thermal insulation.

4. Impermeability: Low water-intake rate and high impermeability.

5. Energy-saving: permanent measure of energy-saving, coming up to 65% of the requirement of the National Building Energy Saving specifications.
6. Labor-saving and Time-saving: Smooth and level in wall surface after solidification. The procedure of interior wall plastering can be omit, direct roughening, paint filling, coating and wall bricking are practicable.
7. Close associativity: The combination between cast–in-place and foundation architecture ensure fastness instead of generating common Faults of quality as hollowness, peeling, unevenness, collapse, crack, etc., due to the main raw material of GF foamed concrete being cement.
8. Good Totality: one-off cast can well join such structures as cast cast-in-situ floor slab, mortar bed, column and beam bottom, etc. without cracks and interruptions.
9. High Durability: GF foamed concrete cast-in-situ of walls ensures the same warranty as the main construction.
10. Comprehensive Low Cost: GF foamed concrete proves the advantages of comprehensive low cost and high rate of progress compared with clay bricks, baking-free bricks and steaming-free aerated concrete blocks.
Since it has so many advantages, how to make foam concrete wall panels?
First, we need a set of foam concrete machine. It should include 4 parts, feeder, concrete mixer, foam generator and foam concrete pump.
We have this foam concrete machine, and already putting all the 4 parts in one, which is a full foam concrete production line from feeding to pumping automatically. And this foam concrete machine adopts hose pump to convey the foam concrete to reduce the foam loss rete so that we can guarantee the good performance of final foam concrete products.

Foam concrete machine

Second, we need to pour the fluid foam concrete into wall panel machine so that the fluid foam concrete can be shaped into wall panels. About 4-5 hours, foam concrete wall panels form.

Foam concrete

Third, we need to cure the foam concrete wall panels. We can pour some water on it every 3 hours, so that we can protect the foam concrete wall panels from crack.
Just these 3 steps, we can make foam concrete wall panels. 2 weeks later, they can be used to build foam concrete walls. 

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