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Foam concrete machine for CLC blocks

2019-03-25 17:18:29

Foam concrete machine is used to make CLC blocks, walls, houses, etc.

Today we are talking about CLC blocks. CLC blocks are a bubble-shaped heat insulating material, and the prominent feature is that a closed foam hole is formed inside the concrete to make the concrete lightweight and heat-insulated.  

Foam concrete machine for CLC blocks

The density of foam concrete blocks is 200~1200kg/m3, 200~300kg/m3 is ultra-low density block, 400~500kg/m3 is low density block, 600~800kg/m3 is medium density block, 900~1200kg /m3 is a high density block.

The foam concrete block made of fly ash, sand, stone powder, tailings, construction waste and calcium carbide powder has the technical performance to meet the national standard requirements of JS 1062-2007 "foam concrete block". Compared with clay bricks and hollow bricks, it has high strength and is not afraid of impact, good stability, dry shrinkage is not easy to crack, sound insulation performance is good, and it is resistant to water and moisture. It overcomes the Achilles heel of clay bricks and hollow bricks that cannot be used as exterior walls, and both interior and exterior walls can be used. Especially its low cost, it is even more difficult to get clay bricks and hollow bricks.

Foamed concrete blocks overcome the inconvenience of single-piece weight construction, and can not be drilled and nailed, which is not convenient for secondary decoration, airtight and moisture-proof, and uncomfortable living.

CLC blocks made by Foam concrete machine

The production cost of foam concrete blocks is even lower than that of ordinary concrete blocks. Moreover, its sound insulation performance is better than that of ordinary concrete blocks, especially because it has a breathable and moisture-proof function. The wall surface of the rainy weather does not damp, and people live in it very comfortable, which is very popular among users.

At the same time, the main raw materials of foam concrete blocks are waste brick slag, fly ash, stone powder, tailings and sand, which realizes waste recycling and is a green building material product. The blocks are made by our foam concrete machine is high qualified, smooth surface, advanced performance.

The outer wall surface of the ordinary smooth block has a layer of 1~2mm high-density surface layer. This surface layer not only has high-strength crack resistance, but also has anti-seepage and waterproofing. It can greatly reduce the wall surface after the block wall is built. The water absorption rate improves the frost resistance and weathering resistance, which greatly prolongs the service life of the block, overcomes the high water absorption rate of the aerated concrete block, needs to apply the interface agent when the wall is brushed, and the wall surface is easy to crack and Insufficient empty drums. This foam concrete block with a dense surface layer can save the mortar and interface agent after the masonry, saving labor and materials. Therefore, compared with aerated concrete, the block has a long service life, good weather resistance, and does not require a comprehensive advantage such as plastering mortar, which is 2% to 5% lower than the total cost of the aerated concrete wall.

Main ingreadient:

1. Ordinary Portland cement 42.5 or 32.5; if you want to shorten the production cycle, you can use fast hard Portland cement or sulphoaluminate cement;

2. Active admixtures such as primary or secondary fly ash and slag powder.

3. Foaming agent. When fast hard Portland cement or sulphoaluminate cement is used, various foaming agents can be used. When ordinary Portland cement is used, high-speed foaming agent must be used because of its slow condensation and easy defoaming. .

4. Slurry stabilizer, free to provide formula homemade.

5. Ordinary Portland cement accelerator, mainly to improve the condensation speed of ordinary Portland cement, reduce foam burst, improve mold turnover.

working process of the foam concrete machine

Production Process:

1. Ingredient pulping Cement and admixtures and various admixtures are metered into a blender to form cement slurry;

2. Foaming the aqueous foaming agent is made into a fine uniform foam of about 1 mm, and then the foam and the cement slurry are thoroughly mixed;

3. Pouring the foamed concrete slurry is poured into the pouring pump, and different products can be made by using different molds.

4, Maintenance: Conditional constant temperature and humidity conditions for 2 to 3 days. After demoulding, naturally maintain for 7 to 10 days.

Foam agent

Our foam concrete machine is especially designed to make CLC blocks, and also, we provide foam agent, CLC block molds, etc. If you are interested, pls contact us freely. 

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