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Parsing the foam concrete heat preservation material of several development hot spot

2014-09-29 10:33:30

Parsing the foam concrete heat preservation material of several development hot spot
First, foam concrete cast-in-situ wall
Now, foam concrete cast-in-situ is mainly used in roof insulation and thermal insulation layer of floor heating.In recent years, the application will continue to maintain strong development of the Midwest and cold region will gradually popularization and application of this technique.In foam concrete roof and ground cast-in-place continuous development at the same time, our country wall foam concrete cast-in-situ will get faster development.This trend has appeared.Building insulation wall is the main part, noise is the main part of the wall.Foam concrete cast-in-site can realize the insulation for exterior wall, used for interior wall cast-in-situ sound insulation sound-absorbing, which can realize the application in interior walls have the advantage.Recently, the domestic many foam concrete cast-in-situ enterprises have begun to development since the heat preservation exterior wall, bearing sound insulation wall, non bearing sound insulation wall etc, and has formed the development boom, a large number of research and development of applied technology is nervous.According to this trend, foam concrete cast-in-situ wall will is widely used in 2 ~ 3 years, the widespread application in 3 ~ 5 years.Because of the greater than the amount of wall reflect water the roof and floor, therefore, if the technology spread, cast-in-situ wall will become the first big application field foam concrete.
Second, the foam concrete external wall thermal insulation board
Foam concrete external wall insulation board is using dry hanging paste or process fixed on external wall and insulation board.The 20 x 20 cm wide, 25 x25cm, thickness 3 ~ SCM, density of 150-27 okg/cubic meter.Due to the insulation board has in sichuan, gansu, zhejiang, Shanghai and other places have been successfully, aroused the interest of a lot of foam concrete domestic enterprises.At present, many enterprises have been developing such products, ready to replace the polystyrene foam, used for thin plastering exterior insulation system, or within the external wall thermal insulation thin rendering system.Because the technology is mature, with the increase of building fire protection strength, the products will be gradually promoted application, will be one of the leading product of building insulation in the future.

Three, foam concrete external wall thermal insulation panels
This kind of wall panel includes a decorative surface or unilateral composite layer of foam concrete composite wallboard, a decorative surface duplex or protective layer of foam concrete sandwich panels.The hottest sandwich wallboard of r&d, Beijing alone more than 10 home alone.Its molding process type high strength shell, got a first after pouring foam concrete core layer;On both sides of the panel, and then compound foam concrete core layer;Foam concrete core layer, and then compound high strength surface;Each process is not the same, are creative, have bright spot.This kind of wall panel which can realize the wall thermal insulation, thermal insulation after installation does not need the other do processing, and fire prevention, excellent durability, sound insulation.Once the product launch, will realize the upgrading of wall panel in China.

Fourth, foam concrete integrated housing
Integrated housing is the world development trend, foam concrete insulation assembly integrated housing is a development hot spot.Now, many domestic enterprises are in the focus on developing the insulation assembly house.Is developing the product has two kinds big.
(1) in high-grade villas
Such homes with light steel structure, assembly speed, strong shock resistance, which can realize the insulation, the cost is lower than the ordinary villa.Foam concrete generally made into all kinds of sandwich insulation board, use when assembled.Urumqi green space, lock the target market of these products in the domestic high-end villas, and focus on exports.There are many companies want to focus on doing a mid-range housing.
(2) in rencent residential
Such residential use bearing foam concrete wall plate assembly, or foam concrete with light steel structure composite board system.Its characteristic is low cost, wall body strong, suitable for the characteristics of the rural.At present, there are many domestic enterprises in the efforts to develop.

Five, ceramsite foam concrete block and autoclaved block
Foam concrete block has been the domestic parties keen on the first key products.But due to the strength of the natural curing products is poor, late drying shrinkage big that this product has not applied in mass production in our country.At present, the domestic companies have turned to ceramsite foam concrete block and autoclaved foam concrete block on the research and development.These two kinds of block is the development direction.Foreign companies use the autoclave, the former Soviet union in the 1930 s is the natural curing process, because of low strength, frost resistance, dry shrinkage, since the 1940 s to autoclave process.Ceramsite foam concrete block is China's innovation, technology advanced, should vigorously develop.

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