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How to perform maintenance on the filter Press pump

2015-02-26 09:20:48

What is the filter Press pump? Simply that it is professional to filter feed or feed pumps. Its architecture is unique hydraulic design and impeller installation, to ensure that its performance curve is steeper than the general trash pump, this product is ideal for filter feeding resistance should change to achieve high-volume, low-pressure feed and low flow, high pressure filtration purposes. Its special hydraulic performance coincides with filter and then drained from the cavity to fill a gradual process.
1, before driving the pump should be filled with liquid to be transported, close the outlet valve, connect the power.
2, power, check the pump rotation is correct.
3, unit test run for 5-10 minutes, if no anomalies can be put into operation.
4, when the shutdown should first exit valve closed, and then cut off the power.
5, regularly check the pump and motor, replacement of wearing parts.
6, not long-term shutdown, the pump should be cleaned and cut off the power runner.
7, the air operation is prohibited.
When the fast fill slurry pump, the pump should continue to provide a high pressure filter chamber, to ensure that the moisture in the slurry is squeezed out rapidly, pump seals combined effects of high pressure, high concentration slurry, and the temperature, corrosion in often easy to fail, so that the entire filter press system can not normal production. Products are primarily designed to solve two problems:
(1) dual-impeller structure, the performance curve steep believers, that solves the operation without overload and solve the choke pump problems and low speed high pressure can be done to reduce pump wear.
(2) the use of anti-mounted impeller, and pay pressure seal structure, completely solve the leakage problem.

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