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Electric jack hydraulic supplier

2022-05-05 17:26:37

Electric jack hydraulic supplier
The electric jack hydraulic for sale is characterized by high output power, light weight, and long-distance operation. It is usually equipped with ultra-high pressure oil pump stations when opened to traffic. The electric jack hydraulic can be used in the following areas: widely used in various transportation, railways, railways, shipbuilding and others the industry's foundation mixed testing and static piles.

Electric jack hydraulic application

 1. When using the electric jack hydraulic for sale, if idling occurs, first loosen the oil drain screw on the pump body, place the pump body vertically, lower the pump head, and then tighten the oil drain port.
 2. When using, please do not increase part of the load or overload, so as to avoid the danger of personal injury. The pressure holding device is suitable for falling beams with a main shaft structure that requires high pressure holding, and can avoid accidents and parts damage.
 3. The electric jack hydraulic requires oil and machine maintenance to prevent blockage and oil leakage, which will affect the effect of use.
 4. There is a lot of air in the electric jack hydraulic of a new or long-unused electric jack. During use, the piston rod may jump slightly. So we can move the electric jack back and forth twice when there is no load to remove the air in the cavity. Therefore, for jacks that have been idle for a long time, we need to move the electrical socket back and forth 2-3 times a month without load.

Electric jack hydraulic supplier

When we are using the electric jack hydraulic. The power point of the electric jack hydraulic for sale should be selected reasonably, the bottom surface should be leveled, and the soft and hard conditions on the ground should be considered together, whether it should be lined with tough wood, whether it is placed smoothly, and avoid sinking or skewing of the load.
After the electric jack hydraulic for sale lifts the heavy object, the support should be used to support the heavy object in time to prevent the use of the electric jack as a support. If you need to support the heavy object for a long time, please choose a self-locking jack.

self-locking electric jack hydraulic

If you need several electric jack hydraulic for sale to lift together, please choose a synchronous jack. In addition to correctly installing the tonnage electric jack, you should use a multi-top valve and the load of each large tonnage electric jack should be balanced. Pay attention to maintaining the synchronization of the lifting speed. It is also necessary to consider the situation where the ground may sink due to uneven weight, to avoid the risk of being skewed by heavy objects.

Electric synchronous jack hydraulic supplier

If you want to know the electric jack hydraulic price, please contact us! Email: info@gaodetec.com. As the electric jack hydraulic supplier, we can  also provide the customized service for you. 

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