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Dry mix gunning machine for refractories

2021-02-10 19:34:43

Dry mix gunning machine for refractories

The dry mix gunning machine for refractories uses compressed air to spray a certain proportion of refractory materials at high speed to form a refractory layer on the surface of the sprayed masonry. Because of its fast spraying construction speed, high efficiency and good engineering quality, it is widely used. Mainly suitable for: thermal spraying of refractory layer of industrial furnace. It is mainly suitable for spraying and supporting construction of concrete such as tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground projects, mine roadways, highway slope protection, etc. Thermal spraying is also applied to the refractory layer of the industrial furnace.

Gaodetec refractory dry spraying machine is not a common dry mix spraying machine, it is specially designed for spraying refractory materials, castables, etc. The refractory dry mix spray gun machine is equipped with ABB frequency converter, which can realize variable output from 1m3/h to 3m3/h. Compared with the ordinary dry-mixing spray gun, the refractory dry-mixing spray gun machine also provides a new type of pre-wet nozzle assembly, which is equivalent to a pre-wet system. The high-pressure water pump injects high-pressure water into the nozzle water ring to uniformly mix the water and refractory materials. If so, it will reduce the rebound rate. Generally, the rebound rate of an ordinary concrete dry mix spray gun is about 20% to 30%, while the rebound rate of a Chinese refractory dry mix spray gun is only 10% to 15%. As we all know, the price of refractory materials is higher than that of ordinary concrete, and reducing the refractory rebound can save customers costs. At the same time, the fire-resistant spraying machine has less dust on the work site, which is beneficial to the operators to protect their health.

reftactory gunning machine

Our country's dry mix gunning machine for refractories is equipped with a new type of pre-damped nozzle assembly, with two set needle valves, which can accurately adjust the water volume during use, which greatly reduces the dependence on the operator. Compared with ordinary dry-mixed shotcreting machines, China's refractory dry-mixed spray guns have outstanding features such as low rebound rate, less dust, and reduced refractory waste in engineering. As we all know, the price of refractory materials is higher than that of ordinary concrete, and saving waste is equivalent to saving money for customers.

Using this dry mix spray gun machine for refractory materials, you can get low dust and high performance spray flow in the nozzle. For some remote workplaces where it is not convenient to get electricity, a fire-resistant repair machine driven by a pneumatic motor will be a good choice for customers. We updated the fire-resistant repair machine after customer feedback. The single-hopper fire-resistant repair machine can effectively reduce material leakage. use. Electric vibration motors have greater excitation force than air vibration motors.


Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of dry mix gunning machine for refractories, we can provide you dry mix gunning machine for refractories. For more information about refractory dry mix spray gun machine, please send us an email: info@gaodetec.com.

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