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Customized gas mechanical road marking machine

2018-05-02 18:30:53

Customized gas mechanical road marking machine, as a road surface construction machine that is widely used in roads, parking lots, squares, and runways to draw out restrictions, guidelines, warnings, and other regulatory restrictions on flat surfaces. The marking machine has played a great role in urban planning and highway construction with its advantages of rapidity, high efficiency and accuracy, and it has saved the construction period and economic investment of the road construction to the greatest extent.

Line width: the international road marking width is 150mm. Considering that the customized road marking machine may be used in parking lots, residential areas, etc., a marking machine with a width adjustment function should be purchased, which will contribute to rational use and save paint. The general adjustable range is 50 to 150mm.

Handle the gun: In addition to using the hand gun, you can freely use the template to spray various symbols. You can also work on walls, columns, etc. outside the ground. Hand-held spray gun has slowly become the standard configuration of various types of marking machines.

Curved work: Some of the gas mechanical road marking machines also have an extra wheel at the rear. This wheel allows you to work freely along curved lines. Companies engaged in sports fields and multi-bend operations may consider purchasing marking machines with this function. Some already have this feature on their own.

Most customized gas mechanical road marking machine use the engine as a power source, but also use a battery as a power source. If the engine is used, its power is about 2.5HP to 20HP, but it is better to be an international famous brand, such as Honda gasoline etc.

customized gas mechanical road marking machine

16L customized gas mechanical road marking machine

16L customized gas mechanical road marking machine has some outstanding feature, such as:

1. Accumulator has a good energy storage effect, making the spraying more uniform and reducing pressure fluctuations;

2. Large flow diaphragm pump guarantees good spraying pressure;

3. The standard Yangtze River nozzles are very effective and the spray is very uniform without flashes;

4 .Complete spring damping system Avoids uneven vibration caused by engine vibration.

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