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Custom single acting hydraulic cylinder for sale

2020-06-01 13:38:42

Custom single acting hydraulic cylinder for sale
We are hydraulic cylinder supplier and manufacturer, and supply with single acting hydraulic cylinder and double single acting hydraulic cylinder. 

custom single acting hydraulic cylinder

large tonnage  double acting hydraulic cylinder

We offer precision-engineered large tonnage hydraulic cylinders for heavy duty operations in a variety of industries. Today, we offer advanced industrial hydraulic cylinders at industry-leading prices, winning a niche in the global market. In addition, our heavy-duty tools and equipment are not only rugged, compact, easy to operate and require minimal maintenance. 

thin type single acting hydraulic cylinder

hydraulic cylinders for heavy duty

Single acting hydraulic cylinder are advanced devices based on their former structures, redesigned with high-strength steel, advanced structures, sealing function, optimization technology.

single acting hydraulic cylinder application

High-pressure electric single acting and double acting hydraulic cylinder by high-pressure electric oil pump to provide power, with oil pressure rebound, overflow function, designed with safety protection supercharger, can protect the emergency over pressure, special structure can protect the hoist. The hydraulic cylinder can withstand a partial load of 5% of the rated pressure. High-pressure alloy cylinders are extremely durable, especially in larger projects, and are easy to operate and control. Custom single acting hydraulic cylinder can be used to lift heavy machinery, bridge engineering, water conservancy projects, port construction and other equipment. It has a large yield, light weight, remote control and other advantage, can be used with my company's high-pressure oil pump, it can reach jack, push, pull, squeeze and other ways of working.

large tonnage hydraulic cylinder

The hydraulic jack is a jack that uses a plunger or a hydraulic cylinder as a rigid lifting member.

single acting hydraulic cylinder factory

single acting lift hydraulic cylinder

1. Dual-acting high flow quick joint, can be used for lifting and lifting, can also be used for push and pull.
2. The interior of our dual-acting telescopic miniature hydraulic cylinder is honed and the piston rod is plated with hard chromium to prevent scratching and corrosion.
3. We can customize the telescopic travel cylinder according to the customer's requirements.
4. In addition to vertical use, dual-acting telescopic miniature hydraulic cylinders can also be in any direction (e.g. lie flat, upside down, tilt, etc.) to achieve the above functions.
5. For field work, no power supply is required, please use the manual separation hydraulic jack series.
Our dual-acting telescopic miniature hydraulic cylinders work well in the metallurgical, power, mechanical, aerospace, mining and chemical industries.

single acting hydraulic cylinder for sale

single acting hydraulic cylinder jack

1. Single-acting design, load return.
2. Mechanical nut lock, provide the safest protection.
3. Special cylinder design can withstand up to 10% lateral load.
4. The built-in relief valve helps prevent damage caused by accidental overpressure.
5. The scratch plate seal design reduces the pollution and extends the cylinder life.
6. Standard rigid deep groove saddle, can choose 5 degree tilt saddle, to adapt to the uneven parts.
7. Optional piping or plate hydraulic check valve or one-way throttle valve to ensure the safety of the lifting process.
8. All models come with a 3/8'-18NPT coupler and dust cover.
9. Because of its unique function, it has been widely recognized among our customers. In addition, it is available at the lowest price on the market.

China single acting hydraulic jack manufacturer

big single acting hydraulic jack

China single acting hydraulic jack

We are China single acting hydraulic jack manufacturer and supplier, we can custom single acting hydraulic cylinder for sale, if you need single acting and double acting hydraulic cylinder, you can contact us directly.

custom single acting hydraulic jack

hydraulic cylinder clients

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