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Concrete spraying machine for sale in Australia

2019-11-01 11:58:47

Concrete wet spray machine for sale in Australia
According to the different spraying technology, the concrete spraying machine in Australia is divided into dry spray machine and wet spray machine. When using a dry spray gun, the material is discharged up to 5% of the moisture from the machine, and then the material is fed into the nozzle assembly by air flow, and the required water (usually 5 ≤ 10%) is added to it. In the concrete wet spray machine, the spray gun material is moisturized with water in the mixer in advance, and then pumped through the soft pipe through the eccentric screw or piston pump. At the end of the production line, the material is dispersed with compressed air. If necessary, other liquid bonding / hardening agents (spray slurry) can be added, usually with accelerators.

Concrete spraying machine for sale in Australia

Advantages of 
Australia concrete spraying machine:
1. Low rebound: When dry spraying, the concrete rebound can reach 15%-50%. With wet spray technology, the rebound rate can be reduced to below 10%;
2. Greatly reduce the dust concentration outside the machine and outside the nozzle, eliminating the harm to workers' health;
3. When wet spraying, because the water-cement ratio is easy to control and the degree of concrete is not high, the quality of the shotcrete can be greatly improved and the homogeneity of the concrete can be improved. When dry-spraying, the water-cement ratio of the concrete is sprayed by the sprayer. According to experience and visual inspection, the quality of concrete depends to a large extent on the correct operation of the operator;
4. High productivity: dry concrete jets generally do not exceed 5m3/h, while wet concrete jets can be used up to 10m3/h during manual work.

Australia concrete spraying machine

According to our experience, concrete spraying machine for sale in Australia are used for important concrete spraying projects, such as water conservancy projects, tunnel engineering, mining projects, etc. Australian underground sand blasting machines usually choose a concrete wet spray machine. Compared with concrete dry spray machine, concrete wet spray machines are more suitable for underground engineering. 

Australia concrete spraying machine spare part

Since the underground engineering is in closed or semi-closed operation, the concrete dry spraying machine needs to occupy more operators, and a large amount of dust will be generated during the construction process, which not only affects the environment, but also causes serious damage to the safety production and the workers. Conducive to underground construction operations. In order to protect the health of workers, the concrete spraying machine is a better choice than the concrete dry spray machine. The concrete wet spray machine does not need to take up a lot of manpower and does not produce because the slurry has been mixed before. Dust, which has little impact on workers and the environment, is suitable for a variety of work environments.
Considering that some customers do not have easy access to electricity on the job site, we have the choice of air motor and diesel engine driven concrete spray machine. Air motors and diesel engine concrete spray machine do not require any power supply, making them ideal for remote workplaces and inconvenient to supply power. As a supplier of dry and wet concrete spraying machine, we provide spray guns to foreign customers and get better feedback with excellent quality and competitive price. For more information our products, please visit our company's website: https://www.gaodetec.com/shotcrete-machine/gsz3000-wet-shotcrete-machine.html

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