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Combine high shear grout mixer and pump

2022-12-07 17:31:43

Today a customer from the United States inquired us about high shear model combine grout mixer and pump, he said that he wanted to use the grout mixer and pump for dam grouting project. He also hoped that we could provide a package specification.

high shear grout plant unit

As a professional supplier and manufacturer of grout mixers and pumps in China, we have been supplying the best quality products and the best service. Like our high shear model combine grout mixer and pump, it is powerful with a compact structure, convenient operation, and less space occupation. Meanwhile, the price of our high shear grout mixing pumping plant is pretty good.

high shear grout mixer and pump

Our combine high shear grout mixer and pumps include many types, and the only supplier with ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE certificates in the following products in China. Our grout mixing pumping plant has been exported to many countries, such as: Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Norway, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Greece, United States, Mexico, Canada, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico , Brazil, Panama, Honduras, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Israel, South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and other countries .

combine high shear grout mixer and pump

Our high shear grout mixer and pump can be used for grouting in foundations, mining, tunnels, dam foundations, soil compaction, rock grouting, seepage grouting, water breaks, void filling, soil bolting, post tensioning, contact grouting, marine/underwater, precast, slab bottom seal, slab jacking.

combine grout mixer and pump

As per clients’ demands, we can customize combine high shear grout mixer and pump for you, include flow and pressure of pump, pump type, voltage, driven type, wheels, mixer capacity, agitatorc, capacity, color etc.

combine grout mixer and pump application

OEM service of grout mixer with pump is available. Want to know much more working video information? Please don't hesitate to contact us, chat directly or send a message or send an email to info@gaodetec.com.

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