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Clamping piece and the anchor plate's role in the prestressed anchorage

2014-09-24 09:05:19

Clamping piece and the anchor plate's role in the prestressed anchorage
Clamping piece and the anchor plate is the most critical of the prestressed anchorage solid system components.Through the principle of inclined wedge, clamping piece and prestressed steel strand anchor plate interaction will be holding it, take direct tension of the prestressed structure.Prestressed anchor and anchor plate is a casting body, embedded in concrete, transfer and disperse the anchor plate pressure difference.www.ytyuyingli.com prestressed anchorage
Extend the period of the outside of the spiral reinforcement on the anchor plate is the effective measures to ensure the security of the anchor plate stress transfer scattered, greatly improve the strength of local pressure of concrete structure, can effectively control the anchoring and concrete crack expansion.
Prestressed steel strand from tension after the tickets to be clamping can be divided into two phases:
Play a began, the first phase, the jack slowly unloading and steel wire inside shrink, and drive the moving jaw;After clamping piece in place, the steel strand transverse clamping force increases gradually, jaw teeth to prevent steel strand silk inside shrink resistance is increased.During the process, the steel strand relative slip wire clip teeth, to a certain distance be self-locked.Prestressed anchorage
After the second phase, the steel strand from anchorage, and clamping piece does not produce relative sliding, as jack continues to put, steel strand is an organic whole repeatedly with the clip to continue building, anchor slabs clamping piece, steel wire radial clamping force increases accordingly, card into the steel strand wire clip tooth certain depth, constitute a mechanical occlusion, until the final stable clamping.
A prestressed anchorage (anchor), the spiral reinforcement, fallopian tube, anchor plate, anchor ring, clip, blocks and insulation gasket, a total of seven parts, its characteristics is described in the anchor plate external of short cylindrical circular iron set, one side all openings, in its internal and extension with ultra high strength cement mortar pouring into anchor plate core;Round hole in the center to plug the horn tube, fallopian tube made of high-density polyethylene material and anchor plate can plug in the separate structure;Between anchor plate and anchor ring decorated with special material, insulation gasket;Blocks for plastic seal design, through the screw on the anchor plate.Through the above technical scheme to realize a kind of prestressed anchor anchorage group has closed, insulation performance, all of them, and composite anchor plate made of lighter weight, shape size smaller, arrangement of end anchorage tensioning equipment.

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