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Cement grouting pump factory

2018-04-09 13:30:05

Grouting pump machine is an important equipment in grouting construction. The performance of grouting pump and the quality of grouting engineering are crucial to safety, quality and efficiency. This requires that people should actively look for reliable factories when buying grouting pumps.

This article will focus on equipment of the cement grouting pump and customers are most concerned about lots of cement grouting pump manufacturers.

cement grout machine

Cement grouting pump
is a common concept of a wide range of pumps, that is, different regions, habits, and ultimately involving the pump is not the same.

The cement grouting pump described in this article is a type of pump in most sense: the mud pump used in the field of oil drilling. In fact, sewage pumps, slurry pumps and some other non-water pumps and mud pumps also have a common name in the law. Cement grouting pump, refers to the drilling process to the drilling mud or water and other irrigation fluid delivery machinery. Cement grouting pumps are an important part of drilling equipment.

In commonly used normal circulation drilling, mud pump is the surface flushing medium, including water, mud or polymer flushing fluid, at a certain pressure through the center of the high-pressure hose taps and drill pipe straight hole to the bottom of the drill. The purpose is to cool the drill bit, remove cuttings from the cuttings and deliver them to the surface. In the suction and discharge valve under the action of alternating pressure to achieve the purpose of circulating fluid and washing.

 cement grout pump

Cement grouting pump is a common concept of a wide range of pumps. That is to say, different regions, habits, and ultimately involving the pump is not the same.

The two main parameters for cement grouting pump performance are displacement and pressure.


Displacement in a few liters per minute discharge calculation, which is related to the diameter of the borehole and the required rate of flushing fluid from the bottom of the hole on the speed, that is, the larger the aperture, the greater the displacement required. Requires the rinse fluid on the back speed of the bit can cut the drill cuttings ﹑ rock punching timely from the bottom of the hole, and reliably carry to the surface. Geological core drilling, the general return speed of 0.4 to 1.0 m / min or so.


The pressure of the grouting pump depends on the depth of the borehole, the resistance of the passage through which the flushing fluid passes, and the nature of the flushing fluid delivered. The deeper the borehole, the greater the resistance of the pipe and the higher the pressure required.

 grouting pump manufacturers

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