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The application of peristaltic hose pump

2022-06-16 16:42:56

Peristaltic hose pumps are used in many industrial fields because of their outstanding characteristics. Such as construction, mining, food, paper, ceramics and other industries viscous pulp long-distance transport, grout and metering.

application of peristaltic hose pump

Compared with other pumps, peristaltic hose pumps have the following characteristics:

1. Without a seal;

2. No valves;

3. High self-absorption;

4. Simply replace the tube;

5. Dry operation is not damaged.

The Gaodetec company can design a peristaltic hose pump to meet the customer's project needs. Typically, customers only need to provide output and pressure, and Lidl can design the right peristaltic pump.

Hose pump applications:

1. Construction: mortar, gypsum, cement slurry, slurry, silt, lime pulp, foam concrete, architectural coatings, refractory materials, promoters, seepage fluid, wastewater, sewage...

2. Chemical: corrosive, acid, alkali, phosphate, inorganic materials, crystalline fluids, suspensions, emulsions, resins, electroplating fluids, electrolytes, precipitation...

3. Agriculture: phosphorus fertilizer, compound fertilizer, thick slurry, sediment sludge...

4. Mining: gold slurry, tailings, thick slurry, fillers, underground drainage, adsorbents, mud, mortar...

5. Oil industry: drilling fluids, crude oil...

6. Ceramic industry: ceramic germ pulp, slip glaze, glaze...

7. Paper industry: pulp, liquid sulfur...

8. Cosmetics industry: toothpaste, lotion, conditioner, cream, face oil...

9. Food and beverages: oil, beer, milk, honey, salad, syrup, chocolate...

10. Other: liquids, radioactive liquids, textile additives, adhesives, glues, latex...

application of peristaltic pump

Gaodetec peristaltic hose pump uses roller structure, friction is small. 
The roller structure extends service life compared to the pressure structure. In addition, for roller structures, the pump room does not require lubricant, so the pump does not require a sealing device. 

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